How long to sort out cash?

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Hi all. When my mum died in january I became my dads full time carer. Had to give up one of my part time jobs but managed to keep my evening job. Hubby takes over for a while then after he gets home from work.
I applied for carers allownce about 3 wks ago. Sent the relavant papers etc...
Had the wage slips etc...back but no notification of when I would start getting anything. In the meantime I am a wage down, and very skint Image
Does it take a long time to sort? I live in the stoke on trent area.
Best Wishes all. Cheryl x
Hi Cheryl,

I'm also looking after my Dad after Mum's death. When I applied for carer's allowance money appeared in my bank account about three weeks after I applied but it was another week before I received a letter telling me about it.

Hope you hear soon.


give them a call and ask! Make sure you get their name and dept so if what theys ay doesn't happen you can "quote them" if needed later on!

good luck!

Thanks guys. I did phone them and they just said they are waiting for the ok to see if I can receive it. Hmmmmmm Image