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water to drink at night

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just changed all husband's bedding and pyjamas - again - at 1:30am.

He has water in 2 beakers, with lids and spouts, to drink at night, and has dropped a full one in the bed again. How can I leave him water that can't be spilt?
Could he manage a water bottle from the supermarket designed for kids lunchboxes and trip out, the type with a pull out top?
I've got a bottle, but we haven't tried it yet, that you hook on the bed, and there's a tube the person can drink through. Is a link allowed? It is called a Hydrant drinking bottle:

http://www.completecareshop.co.uk/drink ... nking-tube

Might work.
You can buy small bottles of water with like a small spout to drink from and a cap that fits over the spout. That might at least reduce the spillage . You'd need to break the seal before leaving it.
The bottle Greta mentions looks good but needs to be bitten on to get the water out and my husband takes his dentures out at night, so not sure that would work. I will try Henrietta and Bowlingbun's suggestions, thank you all fir your advice.
Hi Anne,
hopefully if the bottles suggested will work but if not on the website recommended by Greta is a screw lid anti spill cup, so the lid wouldn't come off if dropped.


I think the sports bottle is a good idea for someone who doesn't have swallowing difficulties (and even then you could probably use thickened fluids in it), but just to add another possibility, I look after my mum, who's 92 and has Parkinson's, dexterity problems after stroke and occasional jerky arm movements that mean things often get knocked over.

Having tried all the disability cups and beakers, we've been using a Tommee Tippee Explorer "spill proof" toddlers' beaker - it holds 300mls+, is almost impossible to knock over, and if it does, it really doesn't spill. It's still going strong after being in daily use for over a year, and it's been a real godsend for us as mum couldn't suck from a water bottle.

Good luck.

Only a thought, and sorry if useless, but what about those specialist bottles that runners and cyclists use, that seem to be drunk through a straw? I think sports shops should stock them?
I too was going to recommend the Tommy Tippee. Mum used that or sports bottle