Wash support (bottom region)

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Glad I jogged your memory then! Carers were so impressed they told other clients too. Good for cleaning, refreshing/'rinsing' and left skin soft and moisturized too, smelled ok too. Sort of texturized too and thick enough for the job! Just don't allow anyone to flush them down the loo!

Prices really do vary a lot for the very same package so please do shop around. I think the link given previously is still excellent value. Usually I found one did the whole job without grabbing a whole bunch of the smaller baby wipes.

Btw, there aren't many places to discuss bottom cleaning online. Thanks, Carers UK!!!
I worked in a silc school we had an amazing toilet the seat would heat up you pushed a button and jets of water would wash down below then would air dry it was really good and we had a few large pupils who used it don’t know if they would fit one in someone’s home though
Yes, search for 'Japanese style toilet' - probably expensive though, and installation needs electricity.