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Re: Warning regarding Council Tenancy succession

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 4:39 pm
by Londonbound
I would like to add my five pennysworth, where i live there is just such a shortage of council one bedroom housing suitable for single people or young people leaving mum and dads house .
I have lived in my town over 40 years, i know each part of town and there just isn't any, its all been sold or taken over by housing associations.
The housing associations are very good, you get a nice place at fixed rent, instead of the fortune that private landlords charge.
As i often say the kids of paid carers, where are they going to live when they want to leave home, there just simply isn't anywhere, they have to move out of their home town.
But there is a waiting list for housing association, big waiting list.
All around me, new housing estates are being built, 3 or 4 or 5 bedroom houses are being built, minimum price £365,000 how can anyone afford £365 thousand, £65 thousand a more reasonable figure.

The council should be building cheap housing for the young people in the town, or like the poster finding themselves homeless, hundreds of one bedroom flats/houses, the council just can't afford it, no money to buy the land, no money to build the flats/houses.

The government should be stepping in to help, theres a real housing crisis going on here and many other places.

And yes like the previous poster , i know of single tenants living in 3 bedroom houses who want to move to a one bedroom but there just isn't one, thus blocking a 3 bedroom for a family. These single tenants a few need sheltered housing, there just isn't any space in the ones around here chock a block full, so have to leave their community, their friends and move 20-30 miles away, its all very unfair, very wrong.

Re: Warning regarding Council Tenancy succession

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 11:41 pm
by Bella_2008
Hi I am new here on this forum.
I read few sad stories and I thought that I will try to prevent any sad situations. Can someone tell me what happens in the situation when parent bought a council flat and wants to pass it to a child. Can we give our council leasehold properties as gifts to our children so they not had to rent it or purchase new one. I am aware that in the event of selling the property we have to sell it back to council as they came the right to take it back, however is there any procedure for passing/swapping the owner of the property?

Please advise, I don't want to live my child with nothing.