Warning regarding Council Tenancy succession

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
One avenue definately worth exploring ... Shelter.

In essence , a whole host of contacts ... some even on the fringe of legality ( As was the early Shelter ) , others with more than one foot in the door with the media sector.

AVOID anything connected with the tabloids ... their priority is to sell newspapers ... any " Old " story will suffice if they make it sensational enough ... Falklands War coverage a prime example ... as was the civil war for some , the Miners Strike coverage.

History , thankfully , has debunked most of those articles ... a different picture has emerged once those actually involved have now contributed facts to the published fiction.

Political avenues ? Again , avoid like the plague ... issues are used as weapons ... not necessarily for the benefit of the victims ( Grenfell Tower springs to mind ).

The Issue ... that's the priority ... and the key to anything that might follow.

How it I delivered ... equally important ... no matter how persuasive , it will fall flat on it's ... brains ... if the presentation is bad.

Recent example of exactly that posted under the Kinship Carers thread.
Hi, I did contact Shelter but no joy. I will keep trying though - I won't just give in :)
Try any search engine ... HOUSING RIGHTS ACTIVISTS IN LONDON ... a whole tombstone.

My previous warning stands ... use them ... not the other way round.

Perhaps even a case of who we know as opposed to what we know ?

Tread carefully , wolves are often dressed as sheep.

Strange how often I have to tell a Londoner that one ... was so in my time in the Smoke ... even in pre Roman times in some parts !

At a pinch , the LSE ( London School of Economics ) ... always high on the calling list should help be needed ... hopefully , the grandchildren of the 60's pioneers / Greenham Common are still around ... and listen to their grandparents ... occasionly ?

Shelter ?

Have you tried hq ?


Surprised that they cannot help or willing to provide a friendly legal contact ?
lambchop wrote:
Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:04 pm
Hi, I did contact Shelter but no joy. I will keep trying though - I won't just give in :)
Do you mean you couldn't get through, or that they couldn't help you?
The shelter helpline said I could only get discretionary succession if I was on the tenancy agreement (which I am not) and that I could be given 28 days to quit. Actually they initially said the helpline is an emergency one - meant for those actually homeless. But they were very nice and did try and help me. They didn't give me any other avenues to try.
Sounds as if your problems now reside outside of CarerLand.

A job / home being the main priorities ... eating on what's left in the pocket.

In that respect , you're in the driving seat ... on the ground ... can see what opportunities are around.

Needless to say , when that moment comes ... and home is no longer home ... both Shelter and your LA come into play.

Keep us appraised ... you never know when someone may have an answer.
Thank you for all your efforts to help - I will certainly keep you appraised.