Catheter leg bag cover

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My husband would like to wear shorts but is conscious of leg bag that he wears on his calf. Does anyone know where he could get a cover ? I can see one on American website and was wondering if it is available in uk.

Also any suggestions on where he could buy below knee shorts would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Is this the sort of thing you are looking for/ ... lder&psc=1
Thanks Henrietta. I saw that and if I can't find anything else it would be OK.

This is the one I was looking for. Though just read a post on another site about using a shin guard and removing the padding and inserting the bag. ... B003GM8PH4
re below the knee shorts - most of the stores sell men's shorts in varying lengths but if he can't find any he likes perhaps have a look at the 'crop' length trousers ? Or if they aren't suitable how about buying standard length trousers and shortening them yourself ?