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just thought i would say that i have cut my caffeine intake down dramatically, and am now drinking a well known tea specialists (who may have an identical sibling) tea, i don't feel as drained now as i sleep a little better when im allowed to, which means i have a bit more energy, im not saying it will be beneficial for everyone, but it works for me, that is all for now Image
tony,have you seen what harm caffeine can do to you,i googled it and was shocked,so i'm not surprised you feel better.
You do know that ordinary tea has caffeine in it?
thank's malc i never thought to google it but i will later,

hi cotula, yes i did know ordinary tea has caffeine in,but, i,ve switched to twininings herbal tea,s Image
[Nitpicking mode on] You said 'tea'. If it doesn't have tea in it, it is an 'infusion' or possibly a 'tisane', not tea. [Nitpicking mode off] Image

I don't like most teas, though I can drink the more delicately flavoured ones and Twinings 'Chai'. When I can't drink coffee at all, I drink Redbush 'tea' with a little honey in it - bearable for a little while, but I soon have had enough of it.
I need all the caffine I can get to get me through the day Image
What about de-caffeinated coffee or teas?
What about council pop Image Image
Well done Tonyb, glad it makes you feel better. I'd have to go through de-tox first! Image Image

I'm in the addicts corner with crocus. Running on empty, totally stressed, all work and no play. I look forward to being able to take a break in the summer like the rest of the human race. I'd kept this last week free, not daring to book anything in advance, due to unpredictable carees. Just as it really seemed my dream was going to be a reality, someone gives me an almost impossible deadline for a caree related piece of work which simply has to be done - I was working on it at midnight yesterday. I look forward to the time I can just allow myself to be tired and go to bed, rather than reach for the coffee jar!