Using my fathers Blue badge to park outside of his house

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I have a bit of an odd question that i need help with and I've been advised to come on here to see if anybody else has been in the same position.

Sorry in advance for the long post. I just wish to give you as much detail as possible.
My wife and I are about to move into parents house to help my mother take care of my father. He is 69 year old, has one lung and COPD and is unable to walk more than a couple of feet unaided.
Sadly he was diagnosed with Bladder cancer a few months ago and they're unable to operate on it due his other health issues. However, they're looking at chemotherapy and other treatments to slow down its growth.

As I've said above we're about to move 300 miles to help take care of my father. He gave up driving shortly after being diagnosed and sold his car about a month ago. He still has his blue badge and his disabled parking bay outside of the house. The neighbours, on discovering he'd sold his car, have started to park on his disabled bay and have refused or been unable to move it if there is a hospital car picking my father up for an appointment. Even when we've been forced to call an ambulance in the past they have refused to move it and caused a lot of bother for the paramedics as they were unable to get a wheel chair between the cars parked infront of the house. On one occasion they were forced to wheel it nearly down to the end of the street.
One of the many reasons I am moving down is because my mother is unable to drive and it would really aid them having somebody with a car to take my father to appointments, to the hospital in an emergency, doctor appointments etc including the forthcoming chemotherapy appointments.

Sorry, we now finally get to the question lol sorry it took so long.
I was wondering is it legal for me to use my fathers blue badge to park in HIS bay to allow the car to be close to the house and allow my father to gain quick and easy access to the car. If I am unable to park close to the house (the road does get busy after 6pm) he could have walk upto 150ft which is half way up the road. Also, due the bays length the bay would allow easy access to the boot for his wheel chair. Often cars will park very close behind you at busy times which restricts access to the boot.

I have called the blue badge advice line and haven't really got a solid answer. I have called it three times now and have got different answers each time with them mainly saying "I can't use it if the badge holder is not in the car" and remind me i would be fined if I used the badge alone in supermarkets....

I would also like to make it clear I would never use the badge when ever my father does not need access to the car (E.g shopping trips when he is not with us, getting free parking at work etc). It's also not about wanting to park my car in-front of the house for my own selfish needs. This is solely about making my father's life a lot easier.
Contact the council that made the parking bay and ask if it is 'advisory' or 'mandatory'. You need know this before moving forward.

Does your dads neighbours use a blue badge too?
A disabled bay road marking may be ‘advisory’ or ‘mandatory’.

•An advisory disabled bay road marking is not enforceable

No action can be taken by the police or the council if a non-disabled person or indeed another disabled person parks in the disabled bay

A mandatory disabled bay road marking is enforceable by law

We can take action against anyone parking in the disabled bay without displaying a blue badge
I agree with the above. The badge is NOT a disabled driver's badge, my mum had a blue badge, as a disabled passenger, for at least 30 years. If a car used by a disabled person, whether driver or passenger is in the bay, I believe that's fine.
As always, if you want "chapter and verse" our CUK helpline will be happy to provide all the formal legal information you need. They are wonderful, so busy, email is often better than ringing.
My wife too has a blue badge as my passenger to allow me to park in disabled bays etc. I am not allowed though to pop off shopping whilst leaving her alone in the car.
Yes, the driver of a disabled badge holder can use the badge to transport her or him. It is not only for the holder as a driver as many holders will be unable to drive at all.

It is also worth checking the local council's rules. The badge should have come with a small booklet explaining where you can park, and the rules are quite generous. Of course, the best places are those reserved for the disabled, but in absence of those, you can park just about anywhere, even on double yellow lines (at least in our area- the rules may be different for other ares, so check your booklet.)
rosemary wrote:
Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:52 pm
Contact the council that made the parking bay and ask if it is 'advisory' or 'mandatory'. You need know this before moving forward.

Does your dads neighbours use a blue badge too?
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Adam, we need to know the answers to these two questions. Your specific problem hinges on them. Others have explained well that you CAN use your dad's blue badge for its general purpose, even though he does not drive himself.