New wheelchair

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Looking for a replacement wheelchair and would like suggestions for an all terrain one that would have no problem on sand.... think they generally have balloon type wheels ?
Anyone got one they would recommend ?
when over in France August this year visited the F.F.L. homes and as we only had mams stroller with us we borrowed a wheelchair from the F.F.L. ... it has inflatable tyres and may well have been of use to someone like yourself have never seen one like it before ....
Yes that does seem the type im looking for....
David - could certainly have done with one of those when I used to take Mum to the park (gravel paths !) or out in the snow.

I googled "all terrain wheelchairs" and got a lot of hits (some are VERY expensive :shock: ). It might be worthwhile contacting some of the companies to see if they would let you have one on trial first.
Thanks Susie
I do need to do some research and maybe even buy another Lotto ticket :)
It is just very difficult travelling on rough ground which in turn limits certain trips out,even on short excursions