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The Selfish Pig's Guide To Caring: How to cope with the emotional and practical aspects of caring for someone by Hugh Marriott

This is a great book for how to cope with the demands of caring and not lose sight if yourself.

Yep ... a useful addition to one's library during caring days , and a timely reminder of it's existence over the past decade : ... ring#p4550

Even the old PRT endorsed it more than a decade ago.

As did Carers UK ... synopsis available elsewhere on the main site : ... elfish-pig

Mote than 50 copies listed on AbeBooks ... the leading online marketplace for books : ... &kn=&isbn=

Not forgetting EvilBay ... 15 listed as I type : ... e&_sacat=0

Several editions :




Probably sparse if one searches the usual charity shops on one's manor ... even if some still exist on the high street ... more one for the local library ... if not closed through the latest round of LA cuts ?

Perhaps someone could be encouraged to write a sequel to reflect life / survival in CarerLand in 2018 ?

I , Joe / Jo Carer ( And 7.8 Million Others )... certain ring about it ... the carers' equivalent of " I , Daniel Blake " ... ?

One Day in The Life Of Joe / Jo Carer ... paraphrasing Alexander Solzhenitsyn ... experience of life in the CarerLand gulag ?

( Ideal time for some consultancy fees ... me thinks ? )

Still ... best left to Joe / Jo ?
An online source ... from 10 years ago ... the best ever analysis of " Carers " ever put forward to Parliament. ... /48506.htm

In many ways , Government thinking still revolves around this Report.

It's importance to us cannot be overstated !
Another " Bible " to be added to our collection.

Parliamentary Briefing Paper on Carers Allowance ... 18 July 2018 ... in .pdf format. ... LT-s-DO9E1

Clicking on the link will ask you to open ... Adobe Reader recommended.

In essence , the most upto date and comprehensive document on CA there is ... without exception !

Brew some strong coffee and prepare yourself to read.

A lot of questions arise from this Report ... and a lot of answers are provided.

Now posted on several , current , interlocking threads.
Not a carer, just a concerned friend, but I found The Selfish Pigs Guide to Caring a very good read.

I'm also chronically ill/wheelchair user etc. I found it useful to try and understand how I can be an easier patient/family member/friend to deal with.

Long term ill health does tend to make you become a bit ''me, me, me'' (Partly because you feel like you're slowly drowning, so there is a lot of panic, frustration and obviously self interest/preservation going on). I don't want to be like that though, not where possible anyway, so I found this book useful for that too.

I don't know why some disabled people have said it's offensive. I didn't find it offensive at all. It's just a ''as it is'' type book. Carers voices need to be heard too. And I think we need to be frank. Sugar coating things is BS. The book is also written in an often humorous style which I enjoyed.

(Apologies for more swear words recently. Have I been taking more testosterone to help with muscle wasting? Yes.....Yes I have ;) It definitely makes me more prone to ''bad'' language).
Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson : " Inequality Strikes at our Health and Happiness."

Previous book ... The Spirit Level ( 2009 ) ... 150,000 copies sold ... praised across the whole political spectrum.


They are to poverty as Hugh Marriot is to caring. ... 37#p388737