urinary catheters and bags, tips please

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The leg bag connects directly into the catheter. The less you mess with that the better ..a change every six to seven days is what we were told ..because every time that's opened up there s chance of introducing infection
Babybyrd, well done on pressing for Dad to get seen. Carers know best :D
Hello Babybird, I am glad your Dad is on the mend, he lost a lot of blood, very good that you got it sorted. My Husband is having a camera in bladder tomorrow to see possible cause of his blood loss, I worried it is going to happen again, and don't really know what caused bleeding in the first place. Don't you get fed up with all the energy we use to get our carees cared for properly. Best wishes

My Mum has had a Urethral Catheter for the past 3 or 4 years for Retention.
Sometimes the urine doesn't flow from the leg bag to the night bag - I've found that holding the leg bag horizontally and holding the long night bag tube horizontally too can send the urine whizzing down from leg to night bag.

We also have problems with lots of blocking - and nobody seems to know why. Mother has had a new Catheter in the morning and its blocked and needs to be changed again by the evening! - not good as more catheter changes equals more risk of introducing infection.
Sorry EXD and others for not responding and thank you for your suggestions. Mum has been in and out of hospital this last month with infections and she's also had several blocked catheters. I've had several complaints to follow up on. Just as I was winding down on the care agency safeguarding I initiated the district nurses have started one against the hospital for unsafe discharge of mum from hospital! It never ends does it?

I found that raising the hospital bed at night seems to help with draining the leg bag into the night bag. Recently the hospital tried removing the catheter but mum had retention and it was reinserted. She's also waiting for the urologist to insert a camera to see what may be causing frequent blockages..........