urinary catheters and bags, tips please

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Mum has a urinary catheter for which she uses a leg bag during the day and a night bag is attached to day bag overnight.

With the lastest lots of leg bags, the urine either just doesn't flow into the day bag or, it fills up the leg bag like a balloon but doesn't empty into the leg bag, even with no apparent twists in the tubing. I gave to raise up the hospital bed and apply pressure to the leg bag to get it to drain. The two sides of the leg bag seem to be stuck together and difficult to pull apart even if all the valves are opened so air can flow in. Do others have this problem?

Also mum is experiencing discomfort around her bladder she didn't used to have. She doesn't have a urinary track infection right now. Any thoughts? We are waiting for a urologist appointment that was just postponed......
The GP practice should have a Continence Nurse to advise you. My mum's was brilliant, but the carers were useless. I'm not sure that it's appropriate for someone to have a leg bag when they are in bed a lot, because then the urine can't drain away.
(I've had a catheter after several ops, when I was in bed after major surgery I always had a night bag, never a day bag on my leg).
My husband is bedridden and has a catheter. He has carers who come in morning and night. They often have problems with the night bags sticking together, as you say, and occasionally the urine hasn't flowed from the day bag to the night bag and is like a balloon. You need to use a fresh bag and see if that works. Do you dispose of the night bag every morning? I know some people re-use them but I never do. Remember to change the day bag once a week. We get ours supplied on prescription which makes life easier.

My husband has major problems with his catheter. It frequently bypasses, meaning he is soaked in urine in the morning even though he also wears nappy type pads as he is doubly incontinent. Make sure his catheter is changed regularly, normally every 12 weeks but my husband's is changed every 8 weeks as he gets so many urine infections with it.