Try a very cheap hearing aid first!

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As I mentioned in a previous thread my wife is going deaf. It would be difficult for her to
visit a hearing aid centre and home visits can be up to £50.

The cost of modern aids can be from a few hundred (per ear!!) up to £1000 !

So I bought her a cheap aid off eBay (where else? !) for £15 to try out.
It has a volume control but no on/off switch.

We plugged it into 'er ear 'ole !

WOW. What a difference. Now she doesn't have to keep saying to me,

"Pardon?" "What?" "A?"
£15 well spent methinks. So maybe you can save some money too?

The trouble is she can now hear when I swear at her! :lol:


Very good idea. I bought Dad some private hearing aids 6 years ago- Ouch at the price. He has an apt for them to be tweaked soon but also getting an NHS assessment and some NHS ones recommended by the SS lady who thought his private ones were a bit useless- as indeed they are-"pardon? "
The other upside to trying cheap hearing aids first is that they can get misplaced or lost and replacing them could be expensive. It is worthwhile checking that when they are not in the person's ears, they are in their box and the box itself is in a safe place.
Good to know about the cheap hearing machine.
Well, there is no real harm in trying, and cheap means not much to lose. But cheap hearing aids will not work well for everyone. If hearing problems continue, your GP could refer the person affected to the hospital audiology department for a proper hearing test and a personalised hearing aid. National Health covers most of this, including replacement batteries.