Transition from hospital to nursing home

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Not good enough. Contact CQC tomorrow.
I don't think you can complain to the CQC?
Yes you can! They have a central call centre, they will take details and then give details to your local inspector. Whilst they can't investigate individual concerns, if they think something wrong is going on they can do an inspection. My mum complained about hef carers, I've complained about my son's carers.
As mum is currently funded by the NHS, they should have checked the home had the equipment mum needed before placing her there. Make a formal complaint to the NHS too, not the person dealing with this, but the Complaints Officer. Google your area CCCG to find the details.
How many residents/rooms does this nursing home have? My MIL is in a home with two floors and I'd say about maybe 25- 30 rooms per floor? (At one point she was in Room 42 so I guess that's a clue!).

In the lobby by the elevators were always a bunch of wheelchairs and I'd say about three or four hoists.

So I guess that gives you an indication of 'hoists to residents' ratio, if that's any help.

One hoist for a care home sounds not only totally inadqueate, but possible also actively dangerous - eg, in case of fire, and getting residents out as fast as possible!

So it might be a safeguarding issue as well?