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Transfer boards

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Hi, we've seen OT and they've suggested using a transfer board to get from bed to chair. It's causing caree pain. OT seems to explain this as normal when using unused muscles ... this doesn't sound right. Is there any alternative to this method of transfer for a spinal injury and for a person who is tall and of large build? Also, when using the board, etc how many people need to be helping?

Thanks all
Do you mean one of the full length boards or a banana board?
Banana boards I think. They're the curved ones, right?
sent you a pm, hope it helps
Yes that right

My hubby uses one for tranfering from bed to wheelchair and into the car. he only needs one person usually to help. (he can't control his legs so they get tangled) Hes tall but doesn't weigh much these days. Some times the type of fabric his trousers are made of affects how easy it is to transfer. If hes been ill and hasn't used it for a while his arms can ache. It helps if you've got an electric bed because you can give a bit of a slope and then gravity helps Image
We also have a ceiling hoist but I find that a bit of a nightmare so don't use it unless forced
Ah, thanks for those tips ... that's more helpful than an OT! Image Especially the bit about bed level.

Re fabric ... is there some sort of sliding fabric that makes it easier?

Bit concerned about the safety aspect as caree is tall and of large build and has visual probs too.
Its a bit of trial and error with the fabric. The smoother weaves are better some jogger trousers are okay but others aren't.

A think that with the slide board the caree does most of the work the carer should really only guide. If your not comfortable with the situation go back to the ot see if she can come up with another idea
Hubby couldn't use a banana board (kept coming off the front) so we asked for a straight board which was much better, used with a slidesheet. Hubby wears the 'slippery' type of jogging bottoms, not the woolly type. Rain makes 'sliding' more difficult as everything seems to 'stick' and moving is dam* hard work. We now have a wheelchair accessible vehicle (for reasons, see below) and only use the slideboard and sheet, when away in hotels etc, but with a helper AND myself doing it (see below).
You don't say if hubby has arm function (mine has not) or can support himself (mine cannot), hence one carer isn't enough on slideboards and can be unsafe for both of you.
I would suggest that you ask your OT for a mobile hoist for bedtimes/getting up times (you won't have to have your ceilings messed about with then). A hoist is much safer, for you and your hubby. It only takes one slip by either, on a board, and then hubby will come off it, or you'll end up injuring yourself (that's how my hubby fell and broke his leg).
Don't want to scare you, but through experience, we've learnt that we both need to be safe and accidents happen so very quickly.
Be safe, ask them to supply you with a suitable hoist (they aren't all the same, you'll need a home visit).
If you think about it, how many times do you see slideboards in hospitals (spinal units especially), they always use hoists, beit ceiling tracks or mobile ones ...............................
We have a banana board with a disc that moves, so you don't have the same issues with sticking to things. It is trial and error. Hubby still cannot use it as he is not strong enough, so we use a hoist.
Hoists are safe, but it's a lot of effort and fuss and makes my partner feel more disabled. If we had the choice, we'd just use the board.
Try googling for one with a moving disc in it. They are much more expensive though. Maybe your OT can provide one with a moving disc, if you describe the issue.
Hoists and lifting slings etc should all be provided by OT or hospital or district nurse departments. You shouldn't have to purchase anything at all, it's up to them to provide them.