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Tips needed for caring for stroke survivor - Carers UK Forum

Tips needed for caring for stroke survivor

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Is there any one out there who is careing for a stroke survivor.
I would appreciate any tips advice or ways to do things that would make things easier and also how you manage your own life around your careing role
Everyday I feel as if I'm running to catch myself up can't keep this up for ever
I was also wondering if anybody has ever tried different types of therapy I've read that vibration therapy could help
My husband had a stroke last year which left him with no use of his left arm and hand and very unsteady on his feet. He has to use a stick now to walk and can fall very easily.

When did your relative have their stroke and how has it affected them?
Hi Diane

Dad had a stroke back in 2009 and lost his speach and left side mobility but gradual recovered to about 85% is how I describe it.
I think therapies are great but I would prioritise some help first .
Has your husband had a recent needs assessment? If not that plus a carers assessment for you should be your number one phone call on Monday morning.
As Irene says if you could give us a little background we can see what you are up against.
Hi Irene
I have been trying to send you a PM but it want send, any ideas
Can I ask how old the person is? Were you given any guidance before hospital discharge, a care plan, a Carers Assessment? Has an Occupational Therapist visited the home to see whether you have all the help and support you need, in terms of aids and adaptations? Toilet aids, walking aids, hand rails, hospital bed, are all available if needed. Have you been told about Attendance Allowance (assuming the caree is 65+) and are you claiming Carers Allowance?
Have you fallen into the "Superwoman Trap"? Pretending you can cope, putting on a brave face, but crying inside at the change in your life and sheer exhaustion? If so, this is the time to start yelling "I need help" to the GP, District Nurse, Social Services etc. until someone listens.
There is a lot you can do to make life easier. Dishwasher and a tumble dryer, or a washer dryer, are musts. Delegate some tasks. Get a gardener to mow the lawn and remove all the flower borders. Employ a domestic to clean the bathroom, kitchen, living areas. Wear clothes that don't need ironing. Put away nick nacks, throw away things which will never be used again, or put them in Really Useful Boxes and stack them in a shed.
These will all save time, make time for you to go out to the pub, sit at your sewing machine, play archery, or soak in the bath, so you can look after your own physical and mental health.
Diane, hope you are ok, mum and I looked after my father, we lived together so we could share caring for him, also the stroke association were good for advice about his condition, and my sister helped too.
Hi Diane,
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I care for my mother, she is only 48yes old. Will be 2 years in September since she had her stroke. It is difficult, you learn to adapt. I got in contact with social services, who came and done an assessment on my mum, as a result I have been given working hours to care for her. But I am also finding I need extra help and support. Even someone ton talk to can make the world of difference.
Hi Jessica, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear your mum had a stroke at such a young age. Can I ask how much support you get, and how much help mum needs?
My mum had a stroke in December and I contacted the stroke association who have been fantastic . They came to visit mum at home and accessed what help she needed and they gave us a grant towards the cost of a electric bed, they also arranged for specsavers to visit for eye test and mum got new glasses.

I can not thank the association enough they have done so much more than local socila services.