Telephone for care home room?

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Hi All.

Mum in law due to move into residential home on Monday. She is very reliant on her phone at home, lots of friends to chat to and we need to maintain her contact with the outside world. Anyone got any tips on best option please? We are assuming the home would allow one to be installed in her room, but wondering about mobile options. We bought her a PAYG simple mobile years ago but she used to get in a real muddle with it, so need to be something really basic, with big easy buttons as her dexterity is not good. Anyone got any recommendations please?
the only mobile I would recommend is one by DORO - they have large buttons and a good size screen for texts etc. They have really simple ones that you can just use for phone calls and texting and also android ones with internet access,camera etc. You can get them SIM free on Amazon quite reasonably.

(I had the simple version to start with and have recently upgraded to a newer one with more functions. I love the big buttons - although I still need my glasses when texting !)

When Mum was in her care home she could have had a phone installed in her room, but she had Alzheimer's and even using a landline was fraught with problems !
Would definitely recommend having a landline telephone - Google "easy to use telephones" and you will find loads with large buttons.

We got my mother a very simple mobile phone many years ago (long before she went into residential care) - she never managed to get to grips with it and never used it!
At my mums old Care home I was speaking to a man whose Mum was in an adjacent room. He got her a phone put in but told me he wishes he hadn't as she was ringing him all day and night.

She used to ring anybody she could think of and then they would ring her back and it would ring for ages before she managed to answer it which annoyed people in adjacent rooms.