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Teeth cleaning

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I hope somebody can help me here, my wife Pat who has cortico basal dementia is at a point where she can do nothing for herself, I can shower her and dress her with a lot of difficulty but the one problem I have is that she will not brush her teeth even though I show her how to do it, she will not even let me brush her teeth, she will not gargle, is there anyone with the same problem and if there is I would be eternally grateful if you would let me know how you get over it.
Hi Ken,

Firstly welcome to the forum.

Sadly I'm not much use with your problem over teeth cleaning, Mum has full dentures so it's just a case of popping them in to soak overnight.

I'm sure someone on the forum will be able to give you some advice on how to help your wife.

Take care

Paula xx
Hello Ken, welcome to the forum.

I am fortunate in that - so far- I am not caring for anyone with dementia, but try this:

http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scrip ... geNumber=1

The website is loaded with information about caring for someone with Alzheimers and well worth a visit.
Hello Ken

Welcome to the forum!

I have had the same problem with Mum and sometimes when I do get in there she'll bit me! I have a Hygenist that comes out every month now which is helpful and she has supplied me with a wonderful toothbrush that with one brush stroke you get all three sides brushed, ,takes half the time, its called Dr Barmans. Your wife might find it more comfortable to use it herself rather than the normal toothbrush. You should ask your nurse to supply you with mouth trays and if your wife likes pineapple this is very good natural healing for the mouth. Mum can't use it as she is not allowed anything orally. Its worth a try and if you do your wifes teeth from behind it tends to be not so threating as if your infront. Hope this helps! I'll have a look and see where you can get the Dr Barmans from and get back to you.

Take care
Maryann x
Hi Ken

Just found the toothbrush online!

www.dento.co.uk and its £2.99

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/galler ... ge_id=1055

Hope it helps, if I think of anything else I'll let you know.

Take care
Maryann x
Welcome to the forum Ken. Hope you don't mind, but I've moved the thread to practical tips as I bet a lot of other carers are in the same position and welcome Maryann's tip. Great start to the forum.