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Technology and Tools for Monitoring Love Ones - Carers UK Forum

Technology and Tools for Monitoring Love Ones

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I wanted to share and hopefully encourage discussion on some of the technology out there I use to help manage my mum who has dementia. If anyone is aware of any useful tools they have come across it would be great to share.

I stay a few days a week with mum and pop in each day, however when I am remote I use the following tools to give me some security that she is ok.

I use Amazon Alexa Show 8 boxes, one at either end in my case (but you can use your smartphone to video chat from if you only want one at her end or your out and about). The biggest benefit to this is a facility called "Drop In" this means I can talk to my mum without her having to press answer or pick up a phone and not know which button to press which she was struggling with, it just opens up the video call and we chat. You can restrict who does this so don't be concerned.

I also use some Hive sensors, one movement sensor so i know if she is upstairs, a second front door sensor so I am alerted if she did wander out in the early hours and I have a video camera in the front room so I can keep an eye.

Additionally I had some old work iphones which I have now setup as cameras using a FREE app called 'Presence' in several places of the house, they do need constant power as their batteries are end of life so long charging cables required but they were doing nothing any longer stuck in a drawer so have proved useful. This gives me a good idea if mum has disappeared from view to know she is ok and can also be setup to email short video clips to you.

The last thing I put in place is a motion sensor in the front porch, this is an Amazon Echo Flex with a motion sensor and a cheap echo dot, this has been setup to play a warning message should mum open the door between 10:00-07:00 to again discourage her from leaving the house during the night. This has proved beneficial on several occasion and on a couple been ignored anyway but it gives me a little security as my phone is alerted at the same time.

Luckily we have fantastic neighbours around us that have taken mum in and called us when she has gone for a wander during the night, but over 3 years this has probably been half a dozen occasion so hopefully the technology in my instance is making things a little more manageable and allowing mum to stay in her own home.

Also these items I have listed are not stupidly expensive (between £20-£60).

Feel free to shout if you have any questions, and always interested in anything else people can suggest.
Hope your mother and you are going well and everything is ok with your health. You have already done a great job. Really. Your mother is protected and you may not worry so strong when you are at work or somewhere else. I have not thought about such things before but nowadays it is easier to monitor someone. By the way, have you thought about using a sim card location tracker. You can just buy an old smartphone with a workable battery and install an app that will send you the location of your mother if it is not visible on cameras. The only thing is that you have to charge this smartphone so it must have a really good battery.

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Hi, I'm new to this forum. Looking after my Dad who is nearly 93 and has Alzheimer's. Can anyone help by telling me how someone would phone me or my sister using this technology. Could my Dad say "Phone Evelyn/Kathy?" Or would he need to touch the screen?

Thank you
I live in Hampshire, I know that they are trying to provide vulnerable clients with what they call "assistive technology" so they can reduce their care costs. Before anyone spends money, try your LA first!