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Attendance Allowance and PoA

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I'm looking for a bit of advice, please, about when it's ok to use PoA.

I've decided to claim Attendance Allowance for mum, even though she is resisting having anyone in to help her apart from me. It's been rather sobering listing the reasons she needs someone to keep an eye on her: dirty kitchen and bathroom, stained and sometimes smelly clothes, spoilt food in the fridge, can't wash her own hair, can't change her own sheets and of course can't go anywhere out of the building without help.

Mum is still sharp enough mentally to understand what I have written and I'm wondering whether she should sign the form, which might upset her to read, or whether to just send it off and then present it as a done thing. I've told her what I'm doing but I know she has no grasp of what it really entails. I have financial PoA so I can write about 'her' rather than in the first person, but should I do it this way?

Does anyone have similar experience?
If I understand the process right, Mum gave you the power when she was well and thinking right for exactly this type of scenario. It is sad you need to use it, but thank heaven it's there and in place . I'd send it as a fait accompli. If she was really understanding it and didnt want she'd make her feelings known. Her silence is acquiescence . Just say you've arranged a cleaner , she needn't know how.

My bro has one for Mum who is just old and tired and slightly muddled so she is just grateful he does it all for her. It's sad as she was so independent, but it is just a sign of age. Sad, that's all

Thank goodness you managed to get POA! It is very sad but needed. I've just had to pay another £300 to the court of Protection. Already cost me loads for setting it up last year because sadly hubby's mental capacity declined rapidly. No need to distress your mum, you are looking after her welfare. Admirably.
No need for mum to know, you sign and send. Have you asked DWP to send all correspondence to you already? If you haven't done so already, send them a copy of the POA. Make sure it's a certified copy. You can take an original to your local DWP office, and ask them to confirm that they have copied it.
PS Have you claimed exemption from Council Tax on the grounds of severe mental impairment?
I had kind of the same thing with applying for Attendance Allowance - my mum doesn't think she needs care or help and so was offended by the very prospect. I did tell her that I was going to apply for it and, although I have PoA also, I didn't feel she's quite at the stage where I should be using it, so I left my sister to persuade her to sign it. My sister's quite bossy and controlling so my mum signed without a whimper :mrgreen:

It really does help. For starters, I quit my job to come and live in with Mum, and her pension largely supports us both so she uses the AA to pay me some pocket money for petrol and all the stuff I do for her. More importantly, it also opens doors to other things - we've got a "plus one" bus pass (Scotland) and very recently a blue badge, neither of which I think we'd have got without being in receipt of AA.

Good luck with your application, whichever way you decide to play it.

DE :)
I'm very grateful for all your thoughtful replies. On the spectrum of cognitive decline I think mum is nearer 'old and tired and slightly muddled' than 'severe mental impairment'. She hasn't had a diagnosis; indeed she would perk up noticeably, and tell fibs, if she was trying to impress the GP ;)

The comment about informing the DWP is really useful, thankyou, and not something I'd thought of.

Guess I'll write it both ways and then see which looks more achievable.