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Tea, Tips and Tricks - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Tea, Tips and Tricks

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I order clothes online. Not that I buy many but have to say have never had a problem.
Pet, ditto. Actually I have to order online because shops don't have my sizes. Constantly send back and get refunds when they don't suit me. Have never heard this disparaged.
Clothes shopping online is a godsend for my mother.
Stick to stores/brands that you know.

There's a clothes shop my mother has used for years, great quality and they do online now, we know her size and they have lots of discounts, sales and early notice of them to their online members.

We get 100% satisfaction and save a lot of money.

There was an occasion when she lost weight so I returned them to the shop for refund and replace with no quibble.

Many of us are limited for being able to go to clothes shops and then trying on when you have someone in a wheelchair who has limited mobility due to weak lungs and heart is not going to happen.
Shop on line.
Sign in for membership and early dibs on sales.
Free delivery over £x
Try on at home at your own pace.
Free returns to the shop.
Carpet saver
Washable Kayleigh bed mats help to save bedroom carpet - disposable are a flimsy trip hazard
put one on the floor between bed and commode, ensuring no trip hazards with it.
Also one underneath it or a disposable one

Doorbell - a pager system to call you
Plug in doorbell in the house so you can be called when needed.
Portable doorbell if you need to work in the garden -remove the batteries when not in use, they eat them up!
Anything else is too complex for my mother as she is nearly blind and she forgets as her post TIAs memory is poor.

Insulin pen gripper
an elastic band wrapped around it or bit of masking tape or dressing tape on the pen to give grip if it is slippery to bare hands
or wear a glove for grip
I'm now considering the petrol cost of everything I go to buy.
The New Forest may be beautiful but most non food things involve a trip somewhere. These cost time and money.

Every time I think "I need to go to a to buy B" I think again.

My Dyson cleaner needs the filters washing every 2 weeks, a real pest, so I decided to go to the Dyson shop in Christchurch to buy some. Mentioned this to No.1 son. "Look online". A few minutes later I'd ordered a sets of filters for about £8 from ebay. Job done. I put up with a broken freezer drawer for ages, then searched online. About £12 later, new drawer arrived. I wanted another shelf for my Zanussi fridge. Annoyingly, the ones from the old fridge were about a quarter of an inch too wide. Looked online, Zanussi sent me a new shelf.

I'm now off to Aldi to buy some of their frozen thick crust pizzas for under £1. The thin crust versions are very disappointing, I have orders never to buy them again! I buy about 10 at a time, they are the family "emergency food". Even although the shop is about 8 miles away, it's well worth the trip, especially if I get some of their individual meat pies too. Happily, the new Aldi opening 1st September is only 3 miles away, right opposite the Tesco Superstore!
New Carers,


Declutter, simplify the home and garden - this all boils down to affordability and amount of work and time to do it.

Declutter and simplify the garden
It is much less stress with fewer jobs hanging over you.
If you are able to, have the big shrubs removed or pruned at ground level and a bucket and brick on top. I had ours removed by someone local and put more manageable roses in their place, they have pollen, look nicer and can be cut and put in a vase.

Declutter and simplify the home
Easier said than done in their home, but do what you can.

I got a small filing cabinet for her papers and admin - it has been so useful and great to be able to get the papers for whatever when needed.

Make sense of the airing cupboard, wardrobes, towels, bedding and drawers.
It took me a few days to get sense out of it all and everything sorted including six bin bags of clothes way too big, making executive decisions while she's watching tv in her chair!
EDIT the clothes went to charity.

Get organised - Meds, creams and paraphanalia - themometer, inhalers, blood oxygen meter etc
Find a dedicated home for them or buy a set of drawers.

Have some ready meals in the freezer, bought or home made at home for you for emergencies.
Bovril with a drop of cold water in it to calm the heat

It does give a bit of a boost and is a bit of a comfort drink
For your caree and when flagging for yourself

It's not cheap, look out for offers, shop around.
But if your caree is weak and poor appetite, it could be worth considering for them.
I know someone who likes milk in it...yuk

Check if they are on low salt diet though because the sodium levels could be a concern.


If you are caring for your teenager/adolescent, are you aware about the upcoming changes on leaving the education system/turning 18?

Find out. Keep informed as the goalposts tend to change.
I am not an expert in this and what is below is just a heads up from the experience of someone I know.

If they cannot live an independent life and are dependent on you for mental health or physical needs or have a degenerative disease and you are not aware of the future find out.

At T-1 day to 18 they are your child, your responsibility, you are consulted and make decisions.
18 years old they are an adult, they have the decision making and patient confidentiality where they have the mental capacity to do so.
All their child benefits, care and help etc are withdrawn and they are in the world of adult care.
Don't expect transition to happen seamlessly overnight but do expect your money to be stopped.
Get involved and start asking at least 6 months ahead in case they are not on the ball.

What will you lose, what else can you claim
What will your adult caree get now they are 18
Higher education support?
Work support?
Independent living support?

What if they have more money than you and they are living with you?
EDIT - IMPORTANT see Bowlingbuns reply below. (I have deleted my suggestion)

Use the helpline, support groups and online forum groups for their condition(s) for support and guidance.

I don't have first hand experience of this but I know of someone who has and this is why I have listed this out. Others may be able to inform better than me.
I don't like throwing things away, much better to give them away to someone or an organisation that will appreciate them. I've just donated my childrens bedding, now destined for new children in Ukraine, or refugees from there.
Really sad to see them go, it was such a happy time in my life, I was expecting a baby when we came back from Australia in 1976. As I had a whole cottage needing curtains, I went to classes, the "Lions and Tigers" curtains for our first baby were the first set I made. Loads more have followed since!
I also gave them all my miscellaneous pillow slips, the flat sheets I never used etc. etc.

Then I came home and took a pine bookcase to the hospice shop, then went back there this afternoon with other bits and bobs. They clearly liked the bookcase, they now have it adveritsed for £35, far more than I paid for it many years ago! Fortunately both places are under 2 miles from home.
Breezey and I were typing at the same time.

It's VERY important that you deal with your child's money carefully.
If they can't manage it themselves, you need to become their DWP appointee.
You need to open a separate appointee account in YOUR name, you are legally responsible for it.
Income support etc. is designed for the costs of living, gas, electric, food etc. If yo provide these, then the bulk of the money should be paid to you as "housekeeping". Ideally as a direct debit.
In a nursing home, only about £25 is given to the resident for personal expenses.
If you don't need the money, then save it in an account to form a nest egg for the child.
One day, they will move out, and be hit by all the costs of living. You MUST ensure that they understand, as much as they are able how much it all costs.