surgical procedure for wife, what support can i get

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my wife needs to have a suspected pyogenic granuloma removed from her left calf as its bleeding, frequently infected, and possible something more serious. there are 2 issues that i am facing currently...
1) the hospital still haven't sent out an appointment. we went to the assessment and they confirmed it needed removing. the GP said it needed to be done asap but that was months ago. the GP says he keeps chasing the hospital but nothing materialises, even when i had to take my wife to a&e because the lump got infected and was stinking like rotting flesh. she took all her antibiotics and did as she was told by chasing up the doctors but still nothing.

2) i need to sort out how she can have the procedure done with as little upset as possible as she is autistic. i have had some ideas that i think may help but i want to run them by some other carers before i mention it to my wife.
these are the ideas i want to discuss with the skin specialist, what do you think and is there anything else i could do?
As it should be done with a local anaesthetic i thought i could ask them to use a screen so she doesn't have to watch it, i thought i could stay with her and get her to take her tablet to play games on while it happened.
The hospital should have a special nurse to make sure that those with special needs are being properly looked after. Ring the PALS (Patient Liason) unit at the hospital and ask to be put in touch with this person. Also complain to them about the wait. I suspect that they will give her sedation, which works like the date rape drug, they can still talk and co operate but don't remember a thing afterwards. It's great stuff, I've had some teeth out this way!
I don't think sedation would be a good option for my wife as it will upset to not remember what happened. when i find out which hospital is doing the procedure i will call their PAL team and check what they can put in place for her.
im going to call the GP myself in teh morning and make a complaint and insist that an urgent referral is made