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Have a look at the map on streetlife and you can scroll it up and down like the google map and get satelite image. You can see who has joined and who hasn't. If they haven't concealed things you can see who lives in each house as it brings up members name.
Definitely need to change your name on here and hide house number. I live in a very long road but only 2 of us and the other person is named so you don't need to be Eintein to work out identity if you know someone is on here.
I have a few interesting questions- where do they get their map data from as seem to show "ransome strips" that even local estate agents were unaware of and indeed some neighbours. Seems they must have land reg records ? Fairly up to date with new roads.
Why do some houses have green dots and some pink dots?
The ones where people have registered are filled in with green and have a marker, which if you click on, you get the name and house number if not made private.
Henrietta, I scarcely use it but I have now moved to Nextdoor - but how do I change my name? It says I must use my real name.
Greta wrote:Henrietta, I scarcely use it but I have now moved to Nextdoor - but how do I change my name? It says I must use my real name.
Anne001 wrote: I didn't like the privacy settings of Nextdoor either but under "settings" you can change it to street name only. A number of us have changed our family name to "Here" too so Anne Here has just been speaking to Neil Here (no relation!) :D
Henrietta wrote:Did that Susie but my full name was still showing so I have been back into my profile and once you have been verified you can update your name, so I have a variation on the theme ;)
from what Henrietta and Anne have said it seems that once you have verified your identity you can go back into your profile and change your name :) I haven't tried it yet 'cos I haven't made up my mind whether I'm staying with Streetlife/Nextdoor or not !
Well, I could not change it. I didn't verify my identity, I just transferred from Streetlife and they didn't ask me to verify anything, just to take a new password. And it said I have to use my real name, where I would have thought I could change it. I will probably cancel the lot.
Susi, maybe Henrietta and Anne changed their names on Streetlife before moving? I can't do it so I have left (called 'deactivate your account'). I selected 'privacy concerns' as the reason and got this message:

You have the option to hide your full street address on your profile or to get help from Nextdoor Support with other privacy related issues.'
Hi Greta
To edit your name- click on the icon at the top right to get a drop down menu and select settings. This gives you a number of "Tabs" or labels. You will have clicked on "Privacy" to delete your road number. Click on the next one along to the right - the tab called "account" This is where you can amend your name to "Here"as done above. Personally I changed both my surname and Christian name to something similar to my own just in case they picked up from my email that I had changed it- although I have posted several times now that I changed my name anyway LOL.
As Next-door has a different purpose and a much smaller 'neighbourhood' I am not transferring to it which is sad as Streetlife has been very useful. :(
I think I probably agree with you - the network is far too small to be useful , even when you extend to the 12 neighbouring neighbourhoods, it still doesn't cover the main part of the town and beach area that I live in , in both directions! I don't even live in a big city.
there are quite a lot of discussions on my Streetlife pages - general consensus is "if it ain't broke, why fix it !" No-one seems to like the nextdoor version and a lot of people say they are not bothering to switch over mainly because of the privacy issues but also for the same reason as Denise. Shame really because Streetlife was very useful !
Same conversations going on in my area