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Streetlife - Carers UK Forum


Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I didn't really know where to put this post so feel free to move it.
I thought I would recommend this web site, although it probably depends where you live as to how used it is.
I suppose it would be called a social media site although I have an FB phobia but still like Streetlife. You can make it very local or include a wider area but you start with your post code.
I've had good recommendations for honest local and resonable trade people.
Where I live it is also a good way of connecting with local people for social events. There have been walks, long and short, meals, coffees etc organised so far plus lots of recommendations for special interest clubs etc. It seems to be spreading quite well in my neck of the woods and would be a good port of call for people seeking new friends or chances to get away for a breather , or just chat on line like we do here.
I've just joined. There are some interesting things for sale local to me, and several charity events being advertised.
I joined up too, but not much going on around here - but that's one of the problems living in an suburban area on the outskirts of London and which is, more or less, what I expected to see - there just isn't the sense of community that you find in villages and small towns :( It's why organisations like Age UK and Silverline need to run befriending services for the elderly!
Thanks Henrietta,
I've heard of this before, but forgot all about it...

Mmm, Streetlife has been taken over by Nextdoor apparently... Many of those who have looked at it aren't keen.

Do you mean "nextdoor" a neighbour or another website of that name?
Henrietta wrote:Do you mean "nextdoor" a neighbour or another website of that name?
when I logged onto Streetlife today I got this notification
We’re delighted to announce that Streetlife has teamed up with Nextdoor to create the UK’s largest private social network for neighbourhoods.
You’re now invited to move your profile over to Nextdoor, where you’ll be able to continue the conversation with your neighbours. Moving is quick and easy – you’ll simply need to choose a new password.
Looking forward to welcoming you to Nextdoor!
Hi Henrietta,

Another website.

Log on to yours and see.

Oh yes thanks- just seen that same message. I logged on to new site and see my real name popping up in full and no where to edit on line profile? I won't be posting if that is the case- not that I have anything to hide but I am a stickler for on line privacy.
I hadn't heard of it. Decided to try it out. Am nervous because it asked for full name and has my address. Didn't take it any further.