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Any recommended cleaners? - Carers UK Forum

Any recommended cleaners?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I care for my wife who has a brain tumour and osteoporosis, we are both in our 60s with no relatives nearby.
I try my best with the cooking, cleaning and gardening, but it is getting on top of me really.
Does anybody know of any organisation which has a list of recommended cleaners and tradesmen and will pass it on to you?
I have tried Age Concern, but they said that they are not allowed to recommend, I also emailed the local hospice twice and they didn't even reply.
We live just outside Newark in Nottinghamshire.
Please don't say like some have, leave the cleaning a bit of dust doesn't matter, it probably doesn't, but my wife used to keep the house clean and tidy and I don't want to let things go.
Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you.
Newark Social Services office may have a list of recommended domestic assistants. Here in Scotland we mostly rely on a card in a shop "Help wanted", but sometimes you just want to have someone else do the background checks etc.,

Molly Maids may work in that area, or Rainbow International.

I used to work for a compamy called "Selclene" which was a domestic assistance franchise. They may still be on the go, so you may find them in the phone book.

Best of luck in your search for a "wee treasure".

Take care
Thank you Meg
I'll try Social Services.
I have seen a Molly Maid van several times, but it always looks filthy even in nice weather, that somewhat turned me off them. Likewise there is another company which visits a house down the road, the vehicle is also no advert and the 2 ladies seem to spend the majority of their time standing with the vehicle smoking.
I realise I am judging the book by it's cover, but a little old to change now.
Kind regards.