Social Services record systems question

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I suspect that there are many errors written down on the SS records files, or the summary of which appears on the computer screens?

If and when another social worker needs to read it, then false assumptions can be made, I believe
The solution is simple. Make a Subject Acccess Request at regular intervals. (Look at the Information Commissioner's website for information). It was an eye opened when I did this in 2012. Some staff were made to apologise, and the Head of Learning Difficulties made an especially grovelling apology!
In my experience all sorts of wrong and false information is recorded.

I was very lucky to get PIP. I was waiting for the Welfare Rights unit of the county SS to contact me. But fortunately I phoned up the DWP. About two weeks before my 65th birthday to stake my claim.
I got awarded PIP and then the county gave me a compensation payment for their delay and mix up
And secondly, how easy is it to speak to a qualified social worker in your borough or county? Does your county ignore referrals from the Ambulance service?