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Trousers - again sorry - Carers UK Forum

Trousers - again sorry

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Hello I'm new to the site and wondered if any of you experts could advice me please. Dad is 88 and struggles with dexterity in his fingers, he falls frequently and has a catheter but uses the valve in the daytime. I am struggling to buy suitable trousers fir him. I sent for elasticated waist ones off the Internet with Velcro fly but he likes them higher in the waist so he ends up with his (enormous) pants higher than his trousers bless him lol. Any websites I could try please folks? :)
Hi Helen
I asked some similar questions not long ago and had a good few ideas posted so I thought I would send you the link in case any of them inspire you.

http://www.carersuk.org/forum/support-a ... 20trousers
Thank you :)
Just to add that mum was very keen on Damart thermal trousers. They do mens ones as well. Be warned though, they bombard you with catalogues!
When hubby was alive we used to buy sports jogging trousers with zipped leg bottoms. Elasticated waists meant that they could be pulled up as high as you like, plus the zipped bit at the bottom of the legs meant that they weren't sitting tight up against leg bags or putting pressure on them. The wooly fabric type used to make hubby too hot, so we bought the thinner, slippery fabric type ones (easier on transfer boards, too!). In the winter, hubby wore long johns underneath, but I cut slits up the side of one leg, to ease pressure on the leg bag.
The larger sports shops were excellent for these trousers.