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Smart watch use

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Has anyone else used a smart watch to help? I'm looking at getting one for hubby so that there's something that
- will vibrate when his wrist when i call (sounds don't wake him from the fatigue sleeps)
-can make emergency calls if he has a fall
-can help him monitor his movement levels (recognise when he needs to move around among other things)

Looking for what android watches or apps may be the most useful to pick up & would welcome any help.

Thank you.
China is a good place to look - http://www.chinavision.com. Yes, there are many smart watches that can do many things, but I don't think there is one that, as yet - don't hold your breath though - quite meets your requirements.
Hi Philippa,

I haven't used them myself but this company has a fair selection and is well regarded

http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/teleca ... ators-275/

I personally would counsel against buying directly from China if you are not sure if the company is reputable or not. It might also be worth a call to the Carers UK Advice line as I know that Carers UK has done some research in this field.

Good luck
Thanks both. I'll keep you posted.
Anne, I agree, I wouldn't suggest obtaining anything directly from China. However, there are often products available, that have both been developed and manufactured in China, that are available through UK retailers (and other Western retailers) with full warranties, and CE certification etc. My advice would be to look to see what is available, then seek a reputable retailer as a source. Sorry, I should have made that clearer in my original post - my fault. :?

Smart watches usually cost a bomb and can be abit fiddley especially if you have big fingers, poor eyesight or anything so maybe you could look at getting a decent fitbit (got one for the wife so she knew how her meds were affecting her as she is on alot of meds and some make her sleep walk if she is deteriorating mentally) they are really good because they track any movement and your pulse (also handy as the meds affect her heart) and you can plug it into a computer and download the information and print it off to use as evidence when you go to see your GP. Also because it records the pulse aswell as the movent it is able to record exactly what times you fall asleep and what time you wake up, which is also useful for your GP as its a good indicator of how the medication is affecting person wearing it.

As for emergancy calls you should be able to get carelink installed into your home and your hubby would only need to wear a pendant which can be conceiled under a top, if he falls ye just presses the pendant and an operator will come through on a loudspeaker that has a very senstive microphone so even if your hubby is in another room he wouldnt need to talk loud and they ask if anything is wrong and if there is they will call either his emergancy contact or the appropriate emergancy services and pass on the relevant medical information and continue talking to your hubby until help arrives.

As for the not hearing the phone when he is exhausted any mobile phone has vibrate built in so if you put it in a pyjama pocket or under the pillow he would feel the vibration easily if not then get some speakers like computer speakers put them on fullbvolumr and plug them into a mobile phone that way when it rings the ringtone will play through the loud speakers so will be a lot louder, I'm sure you can also set some phones to answer automatically so if it was plugged into the speakers you could wake him up if you need to or atleast know if he is asleep or cant get to the phone