Skin tears - elderly people with damage to fragile skin

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What a small world......... you have made my day.......... someone who knows where Thurso is on a map is a minor miracle, but to have visited it !!

We are right beside the caravan park above the beach and the view from my kitchen window on a good day is Thurso East Estate`s (now ruined) castle.

Glad you found something to suit your dads wounds. Instead of a pillow would he tolerate a folded hand towel in a pillowcase between his legs as that would be thinner than a pillow. If he suffers restless legs than tonic water (preferably without the gin) has quinnine in and can help with restless leg syndrome. My late mother was a martyr to that and cramp. I have found eating a banana a day and some crisps but not necessarily at the same time saves me having cramp in the night. In the build up to a cramp attack I am told I walk miles in my sleep!!

Take care
Thanks Meg, I'll try those tips. I found a dressinge her called Bactigras,it's a parafin based gauze which you put on under a soft dresing - it heals wounds marvellously!
I stopped in Thurso on the way to the Orkneys. Arrived on a very late train and didn't expect to get accomodation(I was backpacking with a friend)but there was a taxi at the train station, the driver was very helpful and took us to a lovely B&B near the waterfront. It was excellent, we were given proper oats for breakfast!
An update - I have been trying Medihoney gel on Dads wounds, with great success - they are really healing up fast, and I don't require so much in the way of dressings now. I believe this product was developed here in Australia, and has been trialled in some UK hospitals with some success. it is a little messy, but worth it for the result.
Thanks for the update 2catscan.........and the tip Image
I found that Johnson's baby shower creams/gels worked well on my Grandmothers skin when it got really bad.