Sitting service?

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Hi guys,

I just wondered - what is involved in a 'sitting service'? It was suggested to me during my carers assessment but I am not clear what exactly it entails! Is it just someone to keep an eye on my husband, or do they do things like give him his food etc? Help if he has a fall?

I am a bit confused.
I had a sitting service for my Mum when one of her regular carers came to keep her company and chat while I was out. I also had a different time when a carer would come and give her a meal, usually pre-prepared by me or at least left as ready as possible.
I suggest that you have a word with the Care Company Manager and ask what they would be prepared to do in that time if neccessary. It might depend on what they are being paid for it. My 'sitting time' was the same price as an hour's 'care' and the company I had offered personal care, light domestic duties and sitting, all for the same price. As long as the carer knows what duties she is expected to carry out, ratified by the manager, there shouldn't be a problem.
PS. To start with I left a list of 'topics' that would interest Mum and get her chatting so the carer had something she could start talking about. Or they could do something like read the newspaper or a book to Mum if she'd like that. (Do a jigsaw, look at photographs and so on). What you don't want is a carer sat chatting on her mobile while Mum stares at the walls!