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Simple things that help you cope - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Simple things that help you cope

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I find that talking to friends usually helps me cope especially on the bad days, other times I just go for a walk, besides its good exercise anyway.
I love walking. Image I have had few good walks this week,although one has turned out to be bad for my health! I fell and have twisted my ankle,swollen and very pretty colours from bruising now! Thankfully I have a quiet weekend(barring emergencies)so will be doing only the essentials for two days.It is also a good job we have an automatic car, I am the only driver in our household and if we had had gears, I wouldn't have been able to use the clutch(also a good job that it is my left foot and not my right foot!)
I don't drive so I walk a lot by necessity. I find that a walk on the beach is a wonderful way to clear the mind for a wee while. Walking on the sand and hearing the sound of the sea is sheer bliss. At night, especially if it has been one of "those days" I can open our back door and stand listening to the roar of the ocean - the sound of the sea, I love it.
Knitting helps me relax and feel calm. Every item has a dramatic episode in my life attached to it: A scarf for when we moved house, a hat for when my best friend moved away, a comforter for the specialist wasn't very helpful. Every stitch is a negative thought and turning my frustrations into cosy knitwear is very satisfying.
What an interesting thread! I derive no pleasure whatever from cleaning, though some from cooking. Cleaning is just pure chore, and to me is mind-numbingly boring: I am just not a housewifely person.
But music -- Spotify is wonderful, and now I can listen to all sorts of things that I don't even own on CD (or on vinyl). I am an old rock-chick and a Blues fan, so I listen to everything from Memphis Minnie to the Stones to J.J.Cale, to rock català to Cerys Matthews to Bach and Beethoven. Thank GOODNESS for music. It has kept me sane (or fairly sane) over the last 2-3 years.
Learning a new language: at my age, this is really hard work, but the challenge is worth it. Reading and trying to keep up with my professional interests. And going in to my old workplace, where I now work as a volunteer, whenever I can, so I meet old colleagues and can gossip with them. Cats, friends and neighbours...
Knitting. This is pure relaxation, and when it is simple knitting, I can watch the TV at the same time.

I love music too - love my ipod Image I like world music, blues, vintage rock 'n' roll - allsorts.
Also love reading - real books Image I really like Abe Books as well - mentioned earlier on the thread.
I really, really love walking, have had a bad foot for most of the summer, but am feeling a lot happier now it is better. I am very lucky to live very near the South Pennines and like to get up on the tops.
Meeting my friend for lunch.
I asked people on Facebook last night what the simple things were that helped them cope, and got some great comments and discussions.

https://www.facebook.com/carersuk/posts ... 8124739004

Here are some of my favourites]
Friendship (chatting online or meeting friends for lunch)
Being in nature (going for a walk, going to the beach)
Soaking in the bath
Crafts (cross-stitch, knitting)[/list]

A glass of wine was also a popular choice!