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Thanks BB ... already on my " Shopping " list as is a washing machine ... no sign of anything other than break even on the horizon until April 2018 ... providing this winter isn't too harsh , and the heat needs to be turned on other than minimal use to get my washing dry inside three days ... and , come end of April , my TA will be extended for a further year at the current level of rent ... masochist to the last ?

Doesn't help when one is on all electric , and the standing charge alone eats into 45p of every £ 1 spent ... still , musn't grumble , only 2 flats are on a meter ( Mine included ) , the rest on pre payment meters.

There are economies , and there are ways to economise ... just to break even each month is an art in itself ... I have earned a degree in that one over the years.
Definitely join Freecycle in that case! It's amazing the stuff that is given away, especially when someone has died, is clearning a flat, moving etc.etc. Best of all you can put a wanted advert in too. I was once given a nearly new folding bike worth £250!
Thanks BB ... I will investigate ... and crunch some numbers as to likely cost in electricity should appliances find their way here.

Nothing worse that one problem solved only to find another has been created ... in finances !

Early indication ... waiting lists ... 73 for washing machines , 59 for freezers ... 1,306 members in a town of 30,000 odd.

Not unexpected given low wage area ... bin diving , and the mess afterwards , is commonplace over the whole area.
Good thread BB- racking my brains to see what I can contribute but I might just sit back and learn as I am the world's worst as shoving in ready meals. The only meals I do on a regular basis seem to be shepherds pie and cauliflower cheese. I wouldn't say that I was really bad at cooking but just that whatever I do would be totally unappreciated, left , criticised and would take too long so I always go for the quick option these days. I did lots of fruit bottling and jam making this year so not completely useless :lol:
I would say that internet shopping makes the bargains and offers easier to spot and home in on, also easier to compare weights and price per gram etc than it is in the shop .
I used to love cooking for my family and hubby. Especially Sunday lunch. Now, on my own, it's just something I don't do or want to. Wouldn't enjoy it. It's easy peasy no preparation food for me now. I so enjoy going to both my daughter's for dinner occasionally and tuck in! Lovely to read the tips though.
Pet, I've just bought M an old Delia Smith book called "One is Fun". You'll find it on ebay for very little. Some good recipes in there.
When I was on my own I bought a very small pressure cooker from Lakeland. Obviously, I'm used to steam power! The great thing about them is that you can chuck everything in, turn it on, and have a lovely one pot meal in under half an hour, juicy and tender. As nothing inside gets burned (burnt?) on, it's so easy to wash it up afterwards.
I recommend a slow cooker. Easy to chuck virtually anything in and it comes out good. A smallish 4 portion one means meal for 2 (or 2 metals for 1) and 2 portions for the freezer.
Good for cheap cuts of meat and many vegetables.

Here's cabbage and bacon recipe that tastes sooo much better than it sounds and costs about a £1 for 4-5 servings
Chop 4 (yes just 4) rashers of streaky bacon. Mix in slow cooker with
2 carrots, peeled and cut into small chunks
1 Savoy cabbage, quartered, cored and shredded
400g can haricot (or other white) beans
Half pint (300ml) veg or chicken stock from cube or powder

Cook on high for 2-3 hours, or in low oven for 3-4 hours

Can vary proportions of ingredients. It's a very forgiving tasty dish
Mrs A - sounds lovely - apart from the disgusting beans. Yuk yuk yuk!!!! :)

Henrietta, if your dad is not going to appreciate the food, definitely don't make an effort.

I know it's been said before on the forum ,but the general principle surely for all the elderly 'reluctant eaters' is to let them only eat 'sweet carbs'.....puds and that sort of thing. At their age, and in their condition, they really don't need well balanced meals - just some 'fuel' to keep going' (ie, sweet carbs).

But hope you enjoy some food for yourself, even if your dad is unappreciative
I like reading these. Will have to try a couple.

My contribution - Cheat's veggie curry.

Fry some chopped onion and garlic in a pan (I use frozen), stir in curry paste of your choosing (Pataks is good) and fry a bit more. Add tin chopped tomatoes, tin drained chickpeas. Cook for 10 mins or so, then stir in bag of spinach. Enjoy! I said it was easy!

Oh, and another recommendation for the single lazy person ie me. Frozen mashed potato - way better than I expected and no waste.
Forgot to add for Henrietta, if dad is appreciative of sweet things, banana and custard always went down well with mum, and I could sneak extra cream/calories into the custard!