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Mrs. A, what a brilliant idea, never thought of doing that. Thanks.
Greta, alas, yes, I don't like puy lentils either!

What I hate about pulses, from broadbeans onwards, is that dry, floury texture, it's really unpleasant to my palette. Obviously doesn't bother a lot of people! It's horrid in my mouth.

It is funny why we like or dislike some foods. I agree a bad experience at school can put us off, but it's more than just that. Even beautifully cooked pulses in a wide variety of menus I still hate! Because nothing gets rid of that dry floury texture, sigh.

Such a shame as they good and cheap and proteinaceaous and fibrous and filling!
Just thought, I do like tofu though, in small quantities.
Great idea, Mrs A, I'll give that a go. I always have peppers but sometimes have to throw the very last bit away - if I get in quicker and roast them, they'll last a bit longer.

When we make pies BB, we just put the pastry on top, less calories but still delicious.

Jenny, no hope for you then, unless you add them to soup and blend.

Melly, we all like pastry both sides. However, since the last lot I made was doing the crosses for the hot cross buns at Easter, it doesn't really matter. Now the clocks have changed and my woodburner is finally in and working, hopefully I'll have time for a bit of baking. Both sons are telling me it's time to get on and make the Christmas cake!