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simple economical recipes

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Thanks Anne for an easy veggie recipe, great for using up spinach too. S and I don't always eat the same - he eats meat, I don't and his IBS limits what he can eat. I'll try this on a day I need to throw something together for myself quickly.

do you all know Jack Monroe's Cooking on a Bootstrap? A lot of cheap and easy recipes there.

bowlingbun wrote:
Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:20 pm
Definitely join Freecycle in that case! It's amazing the stuff that is given away, especially when someone has died, is clearning a flat, moving etc.etc. Best of all you can put a wanted advert in too. I was once given a nearly new folding bike worth £250!

I can recommend checking out your local British Heart Foundation furniture/electrical store. They always have secondhand cookers, fridges, fridge/freezers at VERY reasonable prices. Plus they also usually have a wide range of smaller cooking related items like toasters, kettles, pressure cookers,slow cookers etc - all will have been tested and PAT certified.
As for recipes please don't forget the humble egg ! It can be turned into many delicious and nutritious dishes from scrambled eggs to a more ambitious 'frittata' type omelette. Just whisk up the eggs with a little milk, add any pre cooked veg in the fridge and cook over a gentle heat in a frying pan until it all firms up.
Interesting Susie ... large BHF store closed 'ere in Worksop earlier this year ... just could not sell anything above £ 20.

Charity shops ? Around 20 when I arrived just under 7 years ago , now 4 ... all in side streets off what's now left in the high street.

3 pawnbroker type stores ... all now not taking in most items as they have run out of storage space ... and cash to even offer a few pence for some.

One now having to resort to EvilBay on most once watched / played dvds / computer games ... and still not selling at BIN prices upto £ 1.99. Regularly meet one of their dwindling number of shop assistants in the local PO.

UC steamroller due to make it's pit stop 'ere in a little over 7 weeks time.

Fly tiping of many household items has increased as may be expected when conditions deteriate.

A few weeks ago , an old washing machine ( No lid ) ... last seen in a museum ... had been placed alongside our 8 green bins awaiting emptying the following morning. Within 40 minutes , it had gone.

Enough !

Blinkers back on with future postings.
Lots of charity shops around me, Chris, although simplest way to get rid of stuff is to leave it outside my house - gone in 10 mins!

Another one for Melly's spinach:

Turkish scrambled eggs - take a bit of tomato, onion, pepper, chilli (anything that needs using up) and fry them, mix in egg, cheese (I use feta) and spinach. If you have any growing, parsley or coriander goes well with this. When eggs are scrambled, season and pile on toast.

Can you tell I also need things that use up spinach and am not keen on meat!
jenny lucas wrote:
Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:21 am
Mrs A - sounds lovely - apart from the disgusting beans. Yuk yuk yuk!!!! :)

Not yuk when cooked this way!!!! Trust me.
Ditto for those thinking cabbage yuk. Worth trying at these prices!!!
Greta wrote:
Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:16 pm
do you all know Jack Monroe's Cooking on a Bootstrap? A lot of cheap and easy recipes there.

I love her recipes too. "A girl called Jack" was her by line and you can find more recipes search in that phrase too. An interesting character who deserves happiness.
Simple spinach pies
Chop bag fresh spinach (or used defrosted well drained). Mix with tub cheapest cream cheese, some finely chopped onion, nutmeg and pepper. Wrap a tablespoon or 2 in any kind of pastry parcels, filo, flaky, whatever.
Bake 15-25 minutes depending on size.
Good warm, or cold next day

Same mix can be spread on fish and wrapped in pastry for posh looking pie, or wrapped in greasproof or foil and baked for weight conscious

For variety add or exchange some watercress or rocket for spinach. Proportions not important
I love the spinach pies when I go to Crete.