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Self help - Catheter blockage - Carers UK Forum

Self help - Catheter blockage

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
The following might not be relevant if the difficulty has mostly been resolved by conventional means. And it could be, if valid, impractical for many immobile catheter patients. I have tested the following for the past 4 weeks and it seems to be conclusive:

After despairing with increasingly frequent catheter blockages and call-outs, with pain, I decided to dispense with the leg bag. Instead I cannibalised a valve (sterilised) and attached it to the catheter end. As a result -

urine is clear at all times (no clogging);
reduced fluids' intake (from ~4 to 2 litres daily);
general health has improved; and
I can again have urine function like a normal person.

Personal details -- Age 78; height 1.82 m; weight 72 kg; working fulltime; daily exercise 3 - 4 miles; no alcohol consumption or smoking for 12 and 5 years respectively

In effect, the volume of debris accumulating in a leg bag was very visible and blockages were more frequent. Consequently call-outs could be fortnightly. General health was deteriorating and a marked difference to the first year of use (commencing October 2015). Results after making the decision were immediate.

I plan to submit my results to the local NHS after 12 weeks.
My husband had a catheter for a few months a few years ago along with a leg bag. When I was moaning about how annoying, leaky etc he found it to my sister (a nurse) she said get him a tap from whoever supplies his bags. I rang them up and they sent taps instead of bags. Wow !!!! The difference was immediate for him. Also he got used to the feeling of having a full bladder again. The difference in his day to day life and confidence was amazing and he started going to his allotment again.
For the moment it is important to get the message out there. I find it remarkable the catheter replacement procedure is so mechanical without expert recommendations from local district nurses. They in turn are rushed off their feet attending to emergency calls.

Protocol is standard, i.e. proceed according to the book, My big anxiety has always been adding to the cost on NHS resources. It's taken me 5 years to reach a logical answer. Cross referencing is now needed with as many readers/victims who trawl the forum. If the findings are good we can save the state a bit of cash.

Thanks for the first response.