Self doubting carer, Seeking advice from you all

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Time to act on your own concerns ?

Nobody is listening ... the whistleblower route ?

What's the alternative ... ?

The above assumes NO family ???
So quick update, I was working last night and my client decided she wanted to stay in bed for a few more hours (meaning she didn't want to get up at 7am) totally fine by me as I see it as, her resting her body. The carer who took over at 8am was absolutely fine about getting her up (which was at 10am lovely young girl :D ) so i wake up this evening to 2 missed calls and a message saying there is a mandatory staff meeting next week and everyone MUST attend! My boss visited my client this afternoon and read that I hadn't forced the poor woman out of her bed apparently she wasn't best pleased. I will keep you updated on the outcome but I'm going to fight for this woman's choice to stay in bed if she wishes too.
She is a lucky lady to have such a caring carer. I wish you luck .
I wish you luck too. 7am!!!!

Hope you get heard.
Just wanted to clear up the " partial capacity" part of your concerns.....
Mental capacity is decision specific - why do they think that she lacks the capacity to decide when to get up?
Does this lady have pressure areas? Is there a reason why she needs to be up at a certain time?
Even if there was, providing the lady understands the concerns and is aware of the consequences of staying in bed longer, she has the capacity to make the decision.

Does this lady have family? And advocate?

If she is unhappy with the way her care is being managed then either the lady herself or her family need to speak to her social worker.

If I were you I would be finding another care company to work for- sounds like yours is in the dark ages!!