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An update on this, I fired off a long email to their head office on 4/10/18 detailing the whole sorry saga right from the beginning.

I received a reply the next morning ( @ 7.35) to say that it had been passed on to "the service manager and the governance team, which handles all complaints".

I got a phone call on 8/10 (Monday of this week) to say that they had received my complaint and someone would be in touch in the next couple of days. I have to say, I did think that this would happen, but it came as no real surprise when it didn't.

I telephoned them this morning and asked for an update on the situation. I very quickly lost my rag with the idiot I was speaking to when he asked me the nature of the problem, I've spoken to the same guy at least four or five times, (twice just last week), he must have the memory of a goldfish, so I told him to look at my wife's file.

It took about 15 minutes, but eventually he came back and said the the booking team would contact us before 16:30 today.

Miracle of miracles, they did. They're going to return the old wheelchair on Tuesday of next week and are doing a home assessment on 22/10, partly to assess my wife's abilities with a manual chair (poor) and also with a view to possibly arranging a power chair instead.
People who haven' t been through this (i.e non carers + non crip) don't have a clue how much time, effort and stress goes into getting the basics from the NHS/soc serv. How much chasing up, arguing, fighting, studying of rules/regs etc.

It's driving me into the ground now too. My docs all seem to think I'm on a downward path, tbh I agree. I just want to enjoy what functional time I have left with friends and family, but I'm spending so much time fighting for crumbs from the NHS.

Sounds like you've got the ball rolling on getting a better chair though Ayjay? No mean feat.
;) (Tips hat).

I recently won a 6 month battle to get one of my key medicines changed. Highlights included spending 4 hours writing my final version of an essay on exactly why I needed this new med. I included refs to studies on pubmed.com and screenshots too.

I was relieved to win, and quietly proud of managing to do so with my ailing brain too. But that's many hours I could have spent visiting my family (ok, them visiting me, I can't get out too much now), or playing drums at the local day centre. But no, I have to do this sh*t instead. Or, just go without good medicine and be lumbered with the bad?

Next time some healthy, able bod, non carer person asks ''But what DO you do all day?'' I'm going to explode.