A relative has had the horrors of a recurring sneak thief in the night.
Please do a security check for your caree who lives alone.

First night, easy entry, no sign of a break in. Money taken from downstairs.
A few weeks later handbag on bedside taken downstairs and money removed, source of entry unknown - possible cause a very old fashioned style lock for which there are only so many keys in existence.
A few more weeks later, new lock, bolt and door chain on, the door was prized open and again bag from bedside was taken downstairs and money removed.

That door is now like Fort Knox and a security light fitted.

Have you done a check of winter security measures for your caree?

The nights are closing in - do their external security lights still work?

When was the last time their keysafe number was changed?

Do you need to remind them about locking doors at teatime/keeping doors locked now?
How secure are the external door(s)? particularly if access could be needed via keysafe - what age is the lock?