Giving And Getting Stuff For Free In Your Own Towns

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Freegive is made up of groups with members across the world. Freegive connects people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. This is an easy way to reduce the clutter in your home and help someone else at the same time. Clear out your cupboards, attics, sheds and garages with minimal effort. Working or easily repairable goods, such as furniture, recycle toys, recycle car parts, recycle beds, recycle sofas anything that is taking up space can be passed on to someone else if you are upgrading your own. Best of all, it's completely free to join. Visit freegive home page at

Freegive is about helping someone in your community by gifting them the item you no longer need. The only rule is that everything posted are free

Freeive group is active in all London Boroughs, United Kingdom and other countries, please find a group near you at, please find a group near you at

Simply post details of your unwanted item on your local group and then arrange for whoever wants it to come and collect it. Another benefit of using Freegive is that it encourages us to get rid of junk that we no longer need and promote community involvement in the process. By using Freegive, not only are you able to get rid of your item with the minimum of fuss; you will also be doing your part in stopping another reusable item ending up in a landfill and, at the same time, helping someone in your community by gifting them the item you no longer need. The only rule is that everything posted are free. There is no charge for this, it's completely free to join. Visit Freegive homepage at

Your gift can change someone life in your community, please we need your help to make freegive grow bigger and stronger.

Please can you pass the word around to your friends family, co-workers, classmates; Make an announcement at your professional or social organization; Let your church members and workmates and help freegive grow bigger and stronger. Have a look at for more information.
Freecycle does more or less the same thing - if you google it or do a search in Yahoogroups you can get onto the emailing list for your area. FWIW I've been restoring a v dilapidated bike got from Freecycle - forks & frame are structurally okay, just needs cleaning, smartening up, tyres, inner tubes, and new cables.

AFAIK the main rules with Freecycle are: you are asked to offer at least one thing before getting anything; nothing which is beyond repair; nothing illegal; no taking the mickey and taking more than you need, then selling it; if you arrange to collect something, turn up when arranged.
Many of the former Freecycle groups are now renamed freegle. I thought this might help those who have just joined.

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Great idea which works while people are fair and reasonable. I have given up on my local Freecycle, after the early users who used it as intended, were swamped by those who were thoughtless in their dealings with me. It didn't help that the Administrators didn't seem to be up to much. I wish it did work still - but perhaps it is better to give stuff to a local charity shop, wherever possible.
I do understand your concerns, Cotula. Some people on there don't use their manners, don't collect when they say they will and expect the impossible. But in Birmingham we have good moderators who stamp on that sort of thing straight away. Especially now it is Freegle it seems more friendly and caring. Why not try Freegle out and see how you get on? And, yes, I'm all for charity shops, too. I hate waste and don't mind where I get things as long as they are 2nd hand. Maggie