Securing sheets

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Fitted sheets don't work very well on son's bed as he has a pressure relief mattress with a second one on top. The second one is sort of a bit like a plastic lilo within a giant plastic bag thingie (very technical explanation).

Once the sheet got wet when we were washing junior down on the bed and I thought I'd be smart and dry the sheet with my hairdryer (rather than go through all the palaver of hoisting son up etc to change the sheet) There was a pssst sort of sound and the air mattress went flat - the heat from the hair dryer melted the mattress. That is the same reason why son cannot have a hot water bottle or similar it will melt the mattress.

Are those elastic things that hold the sheet on sharp at all? Don't want to risk bursting the mattress AGAIN.

There was a pssst sort of sound and the air mattress went flat
Lilos have a nasty habit of playing tricks. I should tell you happened when my sister and brother in law came to stay - well the rather elderly double lilo they were sleeping on in the lounge burst a seam under the pressure and ended up still inflated but looking like a sort of dirigible balloon - I think they had a very bad night because they never visited again!

That said, it was sort of sweet revenge for the time when said brother in law (another painter and decorator) left a paintbrush in the sink on the first floor in my parents house whilst doing the decorating, and a tap running causing a flood which cascaded down into the basement where I was caught with no possible defence being happily snuggled up with the art-student lodger. oops...wrong bedroom syndrome Image Image Image Image

OK, this was a long time ago, right!

Oh, this is about tips, isnt it? Well, dont sleep with the lodger and avoid lilos at all costs.