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Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
In case "it" is lurking in the back of any minds....sending cards isn't compulsoryyyy. Displaying cards isn't either.
Etc etc etc etc.
Traditions can be changed and the world probably won't stop turning. Of course, I could be wrong about that ;)
And we can probably survive a day or two on far less food/drink in 48 hours than we think we ought to prepare to cater for.
Just sayin'.
I stopped sending so many cards some years ago. In a well known card shop. I spent over £40 on specialised cards!. Decided enough was enough. Put to a charity now. Also stopped buying extra food just in case they want it!
I've promised my friend and family that I will put the Xmas tree up this year.I like the tree. Last year I couldn't function. Dread Christmas but will try for my grandchildren. Dread the new year. Face it when it comes.
I just don't like "IT" starting earlier and earlier every year !

We haven't yet had Halloween or Guy Fawkes and already the shops are full of "IT" related products ! When I was a child the earliest "IT" started was the beginning of December !

As for over stocking on food and drink - if it ain't in the pantry they'll have to do without - simples !
I agree!
Bonfire night starts earlier and earlier here too! Well before Halloween.
I know some of the fireworks are ied celebrations but lots of the time it's just bangers making us all jump.Nusiance.
We did very little for Christmas after my husband died, but now I have a 4 year old grandson it will be OTT again! I just love seeing his eyes light up at presents, paper tearing etc. etc. Christmas is for children. Perhaps we could make a business of hiring him out to share his joy with others? No, perhaps not.
Mrs Scally insists on turning Christmas Day into a traditional turkey roast etc, which I find pretty heavy and uninteresting, but have to put up with to keep the peace. I would far rather have pheasant or grouse. I prefer Christmas Eve, because I can indulge in extravagant food that I really enjoy, like lobster thermidor and salad, or saddle of hare. I guess it's a working compromise, Jack Sprat and all that ... and at least I get to control the wine list ;-)
I am planning nice quiet low-key time with hubby. Won't be buying in heaps of extra food, as we will only eat it and then regret it. I belong to a slimming club that encourages and supports my healthy eating. I really enjoy it both the social part and the actual eating plan.

I am a slim and only a few pounds from my target weight but find if I eat really healthy food, I feel fabulous and, of course, find it much easier to look after hubby. So for me it hasn't been about losing a load of weight, more changing to healthy food.

On sugar and junk food. I turn into a screaming nut job! :lol:
Just another day. Have sent cards £16 in stamps!!! Won't be bothering with a tree or decorations - no point when we will be with Rob at the hospital all day. None of us want presents - can't be bothered celebrating when son can't even eat, drink or talk! Happy Christmas to everyone else though - we are not grinches.

I just buy what we need, most of what is classed as "traditional Christmas fayre" only I like and I don't eat much anyway, so got a lump of beef big enough for Xmas day and Boxing Day and the same for over New Year, will just do some roasts, mash, veg and Yorkshire puds, simples. Don't send many cards either, prefer to donate the money to charity. Got a decent box of Christmas crackers, cost a quarter of their normal price in last year's Xmas sales.
Xmas can be a tough time. The number of times my husband has been ill over Xmas (just by poor luck I think) I get a bit anxious this time of year. We go down to my parents' place in Somerset - which I absolutely love (I'm really close to my parents and my OH gets on with them really well) - BUT we are far from home and so from his GP and specialists etc. That can be a bit stressful.