Save on the ironing !

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If you dry clothes outside, always peg trousers by the leg, not the waistband. Line them up so that the seams are as neat as you can get them and use as many pegs as it takes - I find 2 for each leg is usually enough. The weight of the waistband will pull out most of the creases as the trousers dry - even linen ones (and I'm never buying those again, believe me !!!) Image
Hello - good tip about the trousers. I used to iron most things but had an operation 6 months ago and for several weeks I couldn't stand long enough to iron properly. Then I realised that nobody would have noticed, that I wasn't going to buy linen or cotton shirts with ruffles, and my husband with COPD - breathing difficulties - would rather I sat down with him for a chat than ironed. So I don't do it any more!
I hardly ever iron anything anymore. My way of saving the planet! Image
Sarnia said:
My way of saving the planet!
I can do that! Image Image

marie x
I don't own one, if something isn't fit to wear when it comes out of the tumble dryer, it goes to the charity shop!
I never iron. I hang trousers from a trouser hanger, pegged to the ankle part of the trouser. However dad never dresses any more so I only have to wash pyjamas. I don't own any clothes that need ironing; even pure cotton things, if hung correctly, will lose the wrinkles as they dry.