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Road tax renewal. - Carers UK Forum

Road tax renewal.

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Hi everyone, just a heads up about renewing road tax if you or your partner are exempt.

This applies if you change vehicles and need to tax your new one, your certificate is only valid for your old car, you have to apply for a new certificate, They dont tell you this and its not mentioned anywhere on the exemption form.

We changed cars 3 weeks ago to accommodate his new chair, my hubby took the certificate and documents to the post office and was told he had to re-apply, we still have no certificate or road tax so my Husband is virtually housebound. I rang them last week and was told another one would be sent out but were still waiting.

So if your changing cars please keep this in mind, they say it takes 5-10 days but dont bank on it. I dont drive and my hubby wont drive as he says his insurance will be invalid without road tax.
For others in the same position, it's best to go to the local DVLA office if possible, because Post Offices can't do this sort of thing.
I had to change the tax class of our ancient vehicles a few years ago, when they became exempt, had to be dealt with at the local DVLA office. DVLA struggled to understand that a 1909 steam traction engine didn't need an MOT!!
The DVLA dont issue the exemption certificates, its either DLA or PIP, whichever is paying you benefits. If you look at your exemption cert you will see a car registration written at the top from the last time you got road tax out, they can only issue tax for that vehicle at the post office.

You have to apply for a new certificate which means your going to be off the road for a couple of weeks.
I've just googled "car tax exemption" and it takes you to the .gov site. Please read this through, apparently you
only have to show that you are entitled to PIP
Can claim at a Post Office.
I dont want anyone to be mislead, we've been doing this for years now, if you are awarded higher rate mobility component of DLA or PIP you can apply for road tax exemption, you are issued with a statement from DLA or PIP stating your entitlement, you must take it to the post office (or a DVLA center) to get your road tax. You can also do it online, but, the certificate only covers one registration number.

So if you've changed cars you need a new certificate.

This is the first time this has happened to us so I'm guessing they changed the rules last year without telling anyone. Prior to this you could get road tax out once a year for any single vehicle you owned, the old certificate had a row of boxes for date stamps.

I'm just trying to warn people in advance, if your changing cars it might be better to leave the new car with the dealer for a week till you get your new certificate.
But the .gov website doesn't mention any certificate, just says you need to show what rate you are getting, and the dates concerned, which should be on the original award letter?
Ok I've had enough, I tried.