Concerned about Mum

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This isn't about my caree (my husband), but I thought this would be a good place to get advice. My mum is a relatively healthy 64 year old (just the usual mild arthritis type problems), but I'm a bit concerned about her memory functioning. I speak to her every day and over the past year a couple of things. She seems to be finding the right words harder and harder. She will compensate and if she can't think of the right word she 'talks around it' so to speak. Like today - I went for a manicure and even though I had just said the word, she said 'you know that thing with your nails'. She does it with complicated and easy words. Also, she seems to forget things more easily. Like I was talking about Netflix, something they have, and she couldn't remember it was an online streaming service and how that worked.

I'm probably over worrying. My dad hasn't said anything to me and he is around her all day (they are both retired). Just wonder how to broach the subject or whether I even should? Orjust keep an eye on it?
Don't say anything for now, but maybe start a little notebook/diary of your concerns? Could be useful later.
That's a good idea :) I'm probably over worrying but my husband mentioned it earlier, so he has noticed too. I'll keep an eye out...
Hi Jess

I doubt there is anything to worry about - as we get older we do start to get naturally 'forgetful'; it used to be called "senility" and has nothing to do with dementia :) Forgetting words, losing keys, putting the milk in the cupboard under the sink rather the fridge are all very, very common and don't necessarily mean that dementia is on the way !

I'm 70 and often can't 'find' the right word (reason why I keep a thesaurus handy when posting on here !). Both me and my sister (3 years younger) find that we now have to keep "To Do/Reminder" lists else we forget what needs doing; plus I've lost count of the number of times I walk into a room and wonder what I've gone in there for :shock: :lol: :lol: It's just part of the ageing process ! (Our Mum had dementia so, yes, we do worry at times but not a lot we can about it except keep our minds and body active, eat healthily and put the worry to the back of our minds.)

In our lifetime our brains will store more information than any super computer so it's no wonder sometimes that some of that information gets 'lost' from time to time !!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh I'm so glad you responded that way Susieq . I read the first post thinking "that's me".
I'm forever saying Im going to Hoover the lawn or put the shopping in the washing machine. It's just the words come out wrong, the actions are right!
I say its just because I'm multitasking and my brain moves onto the next task before my mouth has spoken.... ( that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) :blush:
My sister was was walking round her kitchen saying where's the damn saucepan lid? It was in her hand!!
I check every day the bus time table to go to hubby. You would think by now it would be ingrained in my brain. Evidently it doesn't stick? Oh dear.
Thanks for your replies guys. I feel a bit reassured now. Was just a weird thing we had noticed, but probably just her having a 'senior moment' as she calls it when she can't remember something! Lol

I forget things all the time and I'm only 30! Carers brain fog probably! Lol
MrsAverage wrote: I say its just because I'm multitasking and my brain moves onto the next task before my mouth has spoken.... ( that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) :blush:
that's exactly right Mrs !
(I also think quicker than I can type so often leave words out altogether as my brain is ahead of my fingers :blush: :lol: )
I told my (somewhat younger) hubby about this conversation. He says he can't believe my mouth is slower than anything!!!! And he would quite like it if I forgot some things, like his mistakes for
Hmm, he's on dangerous ground :D