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Hi all. Advice please. My wife cares for me when she is at home, with what I cannot do, but she works three shifts a week in a care home as well [12 hour shifts] to bring in an income. My needs are becoming more obvious; lack of mobility, lack of ability to look after the bungalow, lack of use of right arm and two herniated discs with three twisted vertebrae in my lower back, to boot, to slow me down. There are days where there is a lot of pain.

What would I claim to ensure my wife is my sole carer and how would we go about making this change happen? She wants to be my sole carer! A joint ESA claim has been done in the past before she was offered work, but now, she is struggling to do both at the same time and I feel like I am a failure as a result.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Robert, welcome to the forum. Carers UK has a brilliant helpline, can I suggest that you ask your wife to ring it, or email if the phone line is busy, which it often is. They will send you a detailed response to any questions. In the meantime, are you receiving PIP (Personal Independence Payment) or DLA (Disability Living Allowance) or Attendance Allowance?
I would also suggest that you contacted Social Services for a Needs Assessment for yourself, and a Carers Assessment for your wife.
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We receive nothing but her 33 hours a week at £7.20 an hour.

Emergency tax means what we get is okay, just. We are debating working tax credits as well but she feels she should be here caring for me.

We were on ESA and then she got her job. I would have preferred to keep the claim going. But that is just me.

I will contact them. We have an assessment on her and it says she is "eligible in 2 ways" but has no reference to anything financial.

Hope that helps.

Robert, are you claiming PIP - or the older version, DLA?
Hi there,

I was about to but now my wife is having to leave her employment on health grounds. She has a note for a month so an ESA claim is one option but we can never get through to them and when we do they say ring this number or that number and when you do, all you get is a sodding ansaphone which tells you to ring back to the one who just told you to ring the ansaphone. Bloody horrendous!!!! Suicidal here.
You need to apply for PIP as soon as possible. It's a non means tested benefit, so whatever your wife decides to do is immaterial.
Tried to get ESA only to be told it is not allowed at our post code and we should be getting Universal Credit. Now that is horrendous to apply for. What if someone does not have a computer for heaven's sake? I have my appointment for this Friday but my wife's phone will not accept the apps for verifying who she is, so that is on hold now till I tell them on Friday. Don't hold your breath!

As such, we are spotless and may as well get the pipe and the car going into the bungalow and have done with it.

I shall apply for a PIP - can I have that as well as Universal Credit? For the both of us?
Please ring the helpline, you really do need professional help with this one.