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Removing pants when using hoist & sling - Carers UK Forum

Removing pants when using hoist & sling

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My Mum is chair-bound, can't weight-bear and has very little upper body strength. We have a hoist and sling which the carers use in the morning to get her out of bed and onto her day chair. Any advice on how to get pants off to go to the loo and and on again whilst using the sling and hoist?
Hoist onto bed, remove pants, hoist onto showerchair, wheel over toilet. Thats how we do it anyway.

Or, get an assessment for a toileting sling. These allow "access."

An e.g. is
but there are lots of different ones. I do know though someone on here did have trouble getting funding ... I think it is a postcode lottery, thing. A girl at my school has recently been assessed for one, it does limit the amount of moves required.

Thankyou for your replies.
The OT has assessed Mum for a toileting sling but says she doesn't have sufficient upper body strength for it to be safe. Mum is 99 and has scoliosis.
I have tried the hoist to bed and roll but this is difficult because Mum can't roll easily ('cos of the scoliosis) and can't assist. There is also too much wear and tear on both Mum and me. Pushing the sling down under and pulling it up out the way on 99-year-old bare skin causes damage - more damage than pressure sores.
I won't have carers in during the day because 1) the agency insists on 2 carers, 2) they aren't reliable enough and often 2 carers don't arrive together, and 3) it restricts what we can do and when if carers are due e.g. going out in the garden when the sun is shining.
Any ideas useful. I think this is one for clothing designers and engineers to take on as a project. There's got to be a market for a smart solution to this!
Hello Sandra
Three things from our experience that might help you.
1. The OT may not necessarily be aware of all supportive slings that may be available for your mother and/or they may not, for some reason, be giving you full information. There are slings with special Posterior Support and head support. The posterior sling can be moved behind the knee or backwards to toilet. There may also be others. Please source slings yourself, re-contact OT and advise. Get the company name, full details, ref of sling, all information, talk to them yourselves and ask if they can come out to demonstrate if they thing it would be suitable with the OT.
2. Side opening knickers may help you, this at least will make it easier to take off and put on the knickers on the bed. Clootietree.com is one company that is brilliant and provides them. Also wonderful for advice.
3. Bear in mind that if you have a ceiling hoist installed, this can be used by 1 carer, please investigate.
Happy to be exchanging experiences whenever we can on our website to be launched soon, currently taking "live" care stories and lived experience stories to influence positive change in the care of the elderly/vulnerable in Essex. http://www.WhereIsTheCare.co.uk. Thanks Katie
We have a ceiling hoist but still require 2 care workers.

I've had to adjust to mum now needing to be changed using a hoist and a sling. Originally I'd wanted a standing hoist but due to the OT not assessing mum properly we ended up having to have a full hoist with a toileting sling.
I have found that you can get slings made of different materials. I'm not sure you can get these from your OT but they are available on the net although the prices can be a bit high.

To help mum (as we have had blisters as a result of this sling), I bought something called BodyGlide which protects the skin from anything that causes friction.
You can also get skin protection against blisters and chafing that are like a padded plaster.

I had to change the type of pads / pants mum was using. I now use the flex wrap around type. http://www.homeandmedical.co.uk/blog/wp ... -800-2.jpg

I lay it on the recliner and underneath it I have a disposable chair protector and a washable chair protector and underneath that I have a pressure cushion with a cut out for the coccyx.

I spread the flex wrap around pants on the chair while mum is in the air and I lower her onto it. I then slowly and carefully remove the sling, getting her to lean forward while I pull it out and then when the sling has been removed I take the side sections (like a belt) on the pants and bring them round to the front of mum's body and bring up through her legs the central part of the pants and attach the side part to the front and do the same on the other side.

Mum also can't roll so trying anything on her bed was impossible. This way seems to work for us and if I go slowly and gently she seems to be ok. I also use aqueous cream and cavillon cream on her skin to keep it supple.

Scruffy x
Thanks for all your suggestions. I have independently come to the same solution as Scruffy since Mum can't easily be rolled because of scoliosis and also I wanted a solution so I could do it myself.
I also use open-back trousers for Mum which I have had to make myself. See http://www.alsfrombothsides.org/Clothing.html for instructions.
I'm surprised at how uninformed the social services / OTs / caring agencies are about the need for this and the possible solutions. Maybe Tena could be doing more education.
Hi, could I get this pressure cushion here in Australia, Or could you please let me know any supplier who can deliver here?
Danielle_1701 wrote:Hi, could I get this pressure cushion here in Australia, Or could you please let me know any supplier who can deliver here?
Danielle if you google "coccyx cushion" you should get a number of hits for similar cushions available in Australia.
(please note that this is an 'old' topic and the original poster probably no longer visits the forum !)