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Well, almost.

Both PC World and Carephone Warehouse are offering free laptop deals coupled with braodband offers.

PC Worlds offer is via Orange broadband

http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/ ... freelaptop

and CP is via AOL

http://shop.carphonewarehouse.com/show_ ... splash.php

AOL are willing to negotiate with (existing AOL) individual customers who phone them and ask to terminate their accounts even in the middle of an 18 month contract.
They doing a 24 month contract for £19.99 a month coupled with AOL Talk and the free PC for existing customers. I dont know about Orange, I haven't contacted them.

AOL cust service said to fill in the form but not tick the "existing AOL customer" box to pre-register an interest so you will get a registration pack. There is a £14.99 delivery charge as well, but its a pretty useful looking DELL laptop that includes Vista. Not sure what you get with the Orange one, you could probably put Linux on it if theres no OS shipped with it although drivers are a problem sometimes for laptops.

I cannot guarantee a free pc but I did get a very good Pentium 4 with keyboard and mouse, (I did not need a monitor) for £60.00 plus £15.00 delivery charge from a charity called ReCom. you can get their details on the internet perhaps there is one near you this one I used is in Birmingham. Oh and it was free to me as it was paid for from Guideposts Carers Support group one off allowance, that is money allocated to us carers from the government for us carers to use. Is there a carers group near you that you go to that could help you out? you can but try
Helen Image
After a long and acrimonious phone call to AOL I finally got a buyout offer of £30. So I can sign up again with them for a new contract and get a free PC!


The AOL/Carphone offer goes live on Sept 5th so go to their webpage and pre-register now.

Well done Ian, you can let us know what your new PC is like once you get it.
Carphone Warehouse are reputed to have over 100,000 of these Dell Laptops to give away and they start taking orders first thing Monday 3rd Sept.

Phone 0870 087 0168 on Monday to grab yours! This offer only applies if you do not have broadband, ie are on a dial up, or you are out of a minimum contract period.

You will need to take AOL Talk as well as a package at £19.99 per month or without AOL Talk £29.99 per month. AOL Talk requires a BT landline.

Here are all the details and a comparison with the Orange offer:-
FREE Dell Laptop from AOL & Carphone Warehouse

What is the offer?

AOL and Carphone Warehouse have joined forces to bring you a great value

If you sign up to AOL Broadband you get a free* DELL laptop.

* DELL Laptop (latest Inspiron range)
* Microsoft Vista Home Basic Edition
* Minimum of 1GB RAM
* 80GB Hard Drive
* Intel Celeron 540 Processor
* Wi-Fi Wireless Ready
* DVD RW 8x Optical Drive
* 15.4 Inch Wide Screen

AOL Broadband

* Up to 8MB p/s Download Speed
* 40GB Monthly Usage Allowance
* Netgear Wireless Router Included
* No Connection Charge
* AOL Wireless Security and Parental Controls
* Includes Great Value AOL Talk Voice Packages

Together this package is typically worth over £500

* There is a standard delivery charge of £14.99 for home laptop delivery

* Further details and no-obligation customer pre-registration are
on _www.carphonewarehouse.com_ (http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/)

What do I need to get it?

You need to have an existing residential BT line in your name

Do I have to take a Call Package?

AOL has a range of great value broadband and call packages that you can
in conjunction with your broadband service, however it is not compulsory
take AOL Talk to get the laptop.

How much does it cost?

There is a choice of package available for customers on AOL's unbundles
(LLU) Network (60% Population Coverage)

Monthly Charge on Price Plans for this offer (Includes Everything)

£19.99 with "Pay As You Go" AOL Talk
£22.49 with inclusive Evening and Weekend landline calls
£24.99 with inclusive Unlimited National landline calls
£29.99 without any call package

For customers outside the AOL Network there is an extra £10 monthly charge

What happens if I'm with AOL or another Broadband Provider?

* If you have signed a contract with another ISP, you may not be able
to break this contract or could incur penalties if you do
* If you are with another ISP, but out-of-contract, you can switch to
AOL Broadband, however you will need a MAC code when you place the order
* The offer will be available to out-of-contract AOL Broadband
customers or New Customers, however you will need to visit a Carphone
Warehouse store
How do I get it?

The offer is not yet available, however when it is launched (September) you
will be able to order it through Carphone Warehouse Stores

Is Support included?

Yes - and we help you get set up swiftly and securely. You will get access
to AOL's market-leading customer support plus all the support you would
from a market leading PC manufacturer such as DELL.

Does pre-registering guarantee availability for me?

No. There will need to be a number of checks done when you place your
We will notify you when you are able to place your order.

How does it compare to the Orange/PC World free laptop offer?

A Better Laptop
* Industry leading brand - DELL (Number 1 in Global Computer Sales)
* Higher Spec - Larger Hard Disk Drive, Greater RAM, Intel Processor
* Microsoft Vista
* Wireless Enabled
* Customisable to suit your individual needs
Better Broadband
* Faster Download Speed
* Higher Usage Allownace
* Icludes FREE Netgear Wireless Router
Better Customer Service

* Award Winning AOL Customer Service and Technical Support (Voted
Number 1 in both areas in recent U SWITCH UK Contact Centre Awards)
* 24/7 Online Support
Orange/Pc World
Manufacturer DELL
EI Systems
Wireless Ready Yes
Operating System Microsoft Vista Basic
Hard Drive 80GB
Processor Intel Celeron 540
Screen Size 15.4 Inch Wide
15.4 Inch Wide

Broadband Speed Up to 8MB
2MB Only
Usage Allowance 40GB
2GB Only

Clearly from the above comparison one is abel to deduce that

* RAM is 4 times more powerful with our DELL laptop
* Hard Drive is twice as powerful
* Latest version of Windows is more powerful than XP
* Wireless Functionality with our system + FREE wireless router
* EI Systems are clearly no match for the quality brand name of DELL
* The Speed with AOL is up to 4 times faster
* Usage Allowance is a staggering 20 times more
* If you want a better laptop with Orange then you need to pay £20 -
£150 to even come close to the above specifications
There really is no contest here.
An update to this.

After problems at Carphones stores were customers went to sign up but could not because of a technical problem, CPW have been sending this email out to prospective purchasers:-
Thank you for your interest in the Free Laptop* offer from The Carphone Warehouse.

We're pleased to tell you that you can now order your Free Laptop when you take up the AOL Broadband* * offer.

Signing up to the AOL Broadband offer couldn't be easier - you can either]www.carphonewarehouse.com/freelaptop[/url]
* call us on 08000 491 150
* visit any Carphone Warehouse store.

Once your order has been processed (subject to a credit check) and your broadband has been provisioned, your free laptop should be winging it's way over to you within 2 - 3 weeks.

Thanks again for choosing AOL Broadband.

Yours sincerely

The Carphone Warehouse
They have revised the laptop value down to £450 and the delivery is actually quoted as "28 days after provision" (of broadband) on their website.

So get signed up and get a free laptop! You will need a MAC code from your existing supplier if you are thinking of changing from a current supplier, just ring them and ask for one. You may have to buy yourself out of your existing contract, but most suppliers have guidlines for minimum amounts payable under these circumstances. If you have not got broadband then you dont need a MAC code!