Really good toilet seat...

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I've had one for a long time now. I couldn't get on with the free standing one as it felt very unstable and wasn't really wide enough. (Until I lost some weight!). This one is brilliant, it's Swedish and built like a Volvo Image Local social services (Bournemouth) were happy enough to provide one. The arms fold up out of the way to enable assistance if required. It's item number 8030 3012.
Hope someone finds it useful.

but have u seen this?

wot a great site!

im trying to find something for amy to use while she is in casts as she hates being in nappies again but widdle down her casts isnt pleaseant
right folks

i managed to bend the normal child toilet seat,,, only a lil with the help of a hair dryer.

A whole day of no nappies!!!!!!!!!!!
ok my arms ache from lifting all day as the novelty of going on the loo was great for amy,, but im just really chuffed to bits,, she doesnt have to feel like a baby!
Aww thats great news Pixie, you'll have muscles the size of Brussels by the end of the week.. Image

Take care
Maryann x
Image i have Image
we are going away saturday so will take my bent toilet seat with us!
we are going away saturday so will take my bent toilet seat with us!
Hope you have a great time and weather holds out for you.
Where you going?

im going to start a new post on that one Image