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Question about hoists and lifting... - Carers UK Forum

Question about hoists and lifting...

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Hi everyone,
I've been busy studying and not checked the forum for a couple of weeks. I hope everyone is well.
I have a question which I hope isn't a stupid one. I've just been reading a thread about safe lifting and hoists are mentioned in the reply. Can someone tell me, are these fixed things which exist to get people out of bed (for example) or are the moveable things that can be moved around the house and used to pick a person up if they fall somewhere?
The reason I ask is because my parents are both elderly and my mum falls quite frequently. My poor dad sometimes spends up to an hour wrestling with her to try and get her upright again. He's 77 and not well himself and I worry he's going to give himself an injury. I was just wondering if there was anything that could help.
Hello Mandy-Pandy Image

I had the same problems with my dad, He kept slipping down the bed and ending up half on and half off it, I was told NOT to lift him by myself, but at 3am this rule really goes out of the window Image

Anyway, ive now got a hoist called a stand aid, its got 3 straps and has saved my knees from getting anymore ware and abuse.

If you contact socail services they should be able to point you in the right direction, failing that try a company called , Medequip, they stock these hoists and can give you a free home demo.
That's great retsgom, thanks for your help!!!
Independent Living Centres are places where you can view equipment. There is one in Manchester. More info here http://www.disabledliving.co.uk/equipmentcentre.shtml
The Social services Occupational Therapist will give your parents a free assessment and supply all the aids your parents need, they can also adapt their home to suit their specific needs this will be free. At your parents age they are also entitled to sheltered housing. They would have 24/7 help available. If they don't want to move a community alarm can be installed and they can call for help 24/7. I find it crazy that their Doctor has not advised them of their basic rights, seems like if you don't ask for it we won't offer it attitude. Wish them and you well.
If your mum falls, your dad should cover her to keep her warm and dial 999 for an ambulance.

Not many people know this but this is classed as an emergency. Ambulance staff will help your mum to get up and will also assess her for injuries to make sure she hasn't done any damage to herself - bearing in mind the potential for hip fractures.

The reason for keeping her warm is that the floor and first 6-12 inches above it are the coldest part of the room. You can get very cold very quickly, especially in this weather.