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Inspiration needed for using up turkey - Carers UK Forum

Inspiration needed for using up turkey

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Well I gave in and bought a Turkey crown-with just the 2 of us I need some easy ideas what to do with it after tomorrow. If my dog gets it all she will pop.
Well a turkey crown isn't over big so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to use up :)

1) Turkey sandwiches
2) Chop some up and make a curry
3) Cold sliced turkey with pickles, mashed potatoes and bubble 'n squeak (my favourite)
4) Add cold chopped turkey to a jar of pasta sauce, pour over cooked drained pasta, return to heat and stir to heat sauce through
5) be healthy and good and make a salad to serve with sliced turkey
6) Make a turkey fricassee (use a packet mix or jar ready made cream/white sauce; add frozen peas, heat in saucepan and serve with rice)
Some great ideas there Susie. Trouble is Dad doesn't do Curry, or pasta or rice. Anyone got any other leftover recipes to share?
you could also make up the turkey fricassee and stick a pastry lid on it to make a pie !
Turkey stew with dumplings and boiled pots?
Blimey, Henrietta! Slow down. Talk about forward planning! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am finding that being busy and being unusually organised is taking my mind off any negative aspects this year. :lol:
Business as usual .
Hi Susie
If you pop on line today , any more info on Turkey Fricassee? I've googled and seen so many versions , I'm even more lost now. My simple ingredients without shopping available are , white sauce (which I can make), chicken gravy, onions, sprouts, carrots, leftover bits of cooked roast potato and parsnip, ditto pigs in blankets and stuffing.
How can I come up with a meal from that lot?

Next cookery question-Can you freeze cooked turkey and re use later? I thought not but SIL says yes and she is a good cook.
Well my version of a turkey fricassee is just the same as a chicken fricassee and is basically chunks of turkey/chicken cooked in white wine sauce with peas or chopped up beans ! I admit to cheating and using either a packet sauce mix or a jar of ready made white wine sauce - if using a jar then I mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, heat it up in the microwave and serve up with rice.

With the ingredients you have you could also have cold sliced turkey with bubble 'n squeak (chop/mash up all the left over veg and fry with a little oil and serve up with pickles on the side (our family favourite for Boxing Day :lol: )

And, yes you can freeze cooked turkey to re-use later either cold (once it's defrosted obviously) or you could re-heat it with some gravy in the microwave - just make sure it is piping hot right through when you serve it. However you do need to freeze it straight away and not a couple of days later !
Thanks Susie